Valentine’s Blues: Lady Di’s Love Letter to Charly Boy Surfaces!

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It’s no longer news that the controversial showbiz impresario, Charly Boy dazed Lady Diane, his wife of 39 years with a fresh honeymoon on her birthday. Apart from the special treat to few countries, Area FADA’s love letter to Lady Di has also generated buzzes among young lovers as Valentine’s fever grips the world.

However, as Charly Boy’s love letter becomes one of the most read notes online, it may interest you to know that Lady Di also poured her emotion in black and white, and here is it!

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’re loved and celebrated. For those close to me you know my heart and how much this truly means. Thanking God for this wonderful thing called life and for his love and mercy. To my loving husband you are truly one of a kind and my prayer is that our daughters find husbands as loving, God fearing, dedicated, hardworking, free spirited as you. It’s these qualities that have kept our fire burning all these years. Your passion for life and your quest for adventure are just a few of the many things people admire and we share.

Our life together has been just that, an adventure throughout the years.

It’s this birthday surprise that most stands out because you were really able to pull the wool over my eyes, which isn’t easy.

Imagine escorting your hubby to the airport to pick a friend and while there your handed tickets along with happy bday your flight leaves in an hour. What a shock it was! Immediately my mind went to the fact that I had nothing to wear or any toiletries. What’s a girl going do without these things?

The oyingbos sitting next to us were oblivious as to what was going on and fascinated by this colourful character Charly boy in front of them. Amused they warned that the others shouldn’t mention this to their wives or they too would have to plan an elaborate surprise.

Feeling like a girlfriend, sexy and pampered we flew off to our destination Dubai for a vacation that will be remember for many years to come.

As we Step out of the taxi cab 5am in the morning what did I hear? Charly Boy!!!!

Now wow o! Was I in Nija or Dubai? You can run but you can’t hide abei?

It takes work to keep a relationship fresh it’s that special time together away from the shit that revitalizes and solidifies that bond called marriage, Oh yea he performed o! Ha ha

(The Entertainer) Thank U CB

Now my challenge is how to reciprocate???? Any suggestions holler




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