STOP PRESS! Here Are Nominees’ Numbers For Voting at NBMA 2015

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After a rigorous verification exercise that lasted for a couple of weeks, here is the authentic list of nominees for the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA) 2015.
While VOTING is expected to start on Saturday, January 30th, 2016, it will last for three weeks. Voting format is via SMS Shortcode system and on our Website  (Details soon)

Due to introduction of an SMS Shortcode system for voting, votes will take the lion’s share of 60 per cent, while research, survey and agency reports are responsible for 40 per cent of the final result. Moreover, in the special Listeners and Viewers choice categories, votes will take the sole responsibility for 90 per cent of the total tally.

We wish all the nominees best of luck, as we look forward to their presence at the 6th Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards ceremony on Saturday 27th, February at Barcelona Hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja and Nominees’ Party to be held in Ibadan on Saturday 30th January, 2016, at Mauve Lounge, Ring Road, Ibadan

Please note, award plaque won’t be given in absentia and not redeemable after the event, hence your representative is expected at the award ceremony.
Below is the list of Nominees for all competitive categories.

Nominees are advised to search for their categories to get their shortcodes.

Text format: Type nbma “put a space” nominee’s shortcode and send to 33811

Covered Networks: MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT and GLO

1-Best TV Station of the Year (NATIONAL)
(Criteria: Must be transmitting both on terrestrial and satellite/ Digital Channel, production quality and content)
a- Galaxy TV                             1001
b- MITV                                     1002
c- NTA                                      1003
d- Liberty TV                             1004
e- TVC                                      1005
f- Wazobia TV                           1006
g- STV                                      1007
h- ONTV                                    1008

2-Best TV Station (REGIONAL) (Viewer’s Choice)
a- Ondo TV                               2001
b- Delta State Television            2002
c- ITV Benin                              2003
d- Liberty TV (Kaduna)               2004
e- CRBC Calabar                       2005
f- Orient TV Owerri                     2006
g- CTV Kano                             2007
h- ARTV (Kano)                         2008
i- ESBS Chanel 50 (Enugu)        2009
j- Rivers State TV                      2010

3-Best TV Channel (Viewer’s Choice) (Criteria: 24-hour Channel on Pay Satellite/Digital TV, Large viewer-ship and Good content)
a- Ancient of Days TV               3001
b- Realstar TV                           3002
c- Rave TV                                3003
d- Vox Africa TV                       3004
e- ETV Channel 50                     3005
f- R2 TV                                    3006
g-African Movie Channel            3007
h- Liberty TV                             3008

4-Best Indigenous TV Channel (Viewers Choice) (This Category welcomes nomination of indigenous TV channels i.e. Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo on Satellite/ digital stations)
a- Farin watta                            4001
b- Wazobia TV                          4002
c- Liberty TV (Hausa)                 4003
d- NTA Igbo                              4004
e- Orisun                                   4005
f- NTA Yoruba                           4006
g- Africa Magic Hausa               4007

5-Best Entertainment Channel (Africa) (Viewer’s Choice) (Criteria): Made in Nigeria/Africa, good content, production quality and running on pay Satellite/Digital Channel)
a- Spice TV                               5001
b- EbonyLife TV                                    5002
c- Nigezie                                  5003
d- Planet Radio TV (PRTV)         5004
e- GET TV                                 5005
f- WAP TV                                5006
g- SoundCity                             5007
h- African Movie Channel           5008
i-ONTV Max                              5009

6- Best TV Station with the widest coverage
a- AIT                                        6001
b- STV                                      6002
c- NTA                                      6003
d- ITV                                       6004
e- Galaxy TV                             6005
f- Channels TV                          6006

7-Best Entertainment Channel (International) (Viewer’s Choice) (Criteria: Import and Export 24 hours channel on pay Satellite/Digital TV, large viewership in Africa)
a- Planet Radio TV (PRTV)         7001
b-  Spice TV                              7002
c-  MTVBase                             7003
d-  Trace Urban TV                    7004
e-  AfroMusic Pop                     7005

8-TV Channel with Best News coverage
a- Galaxy TV                             8001
b- AIT (International)                   8002
c- NTA                                      8003
d- STV (Network)                       8004
e- Liberty TV (Kaduna)               8005
f- Core News                             8006
g- TVC News (Nigeria/Africa)      8007
i- ITV (Network)                          8008

9-TV Station with Best Creative Innovation
a- Planet Radio TV (PRTV)         9001
b- Ancient of Days TV               9002
a- EbonyLife TV                                    9003
d- TVC                                      9004
e- AIT                                        9005
f- Core TV                                 9006
g- ITV                                       9007
h- STV                                      9008

10-TV Channel with Best Station Imaging.
This category is designed to recognize excellence in the creation of an overall ‘sound’ for a station or network. To reward creative and effective use of production tools such as liners, jingles, promos and trailers, in establishing and promoting a distinctive on-air station/network identity.
a- EbonyLive TV                        10001
b- TVC                                      10002
c- WAP TV                                10003
d- AIT                                       10004
e- STV                                      10005
f- HipTV                                    10006
g- Soundcity                             10007
h- Wazobia Tv                           10008
i- NTA                                       10009
j- Nigezie                                   10010

11-TV Channel with Best Coverage of Live Events
a- NTA                                      11001
b- Channels TV                          11002
b- STV                                      11003
c- TVC                                      11004
d- SoundCity                             11005
f- HipTV                                    11006

12-Best New TV Station/Channel
Criteria: Station must be relatively new and be regarded as innovative and fast-rising.
a- Wazobia TV                           12001
b- Rave TV                                12002
c- Liberty TV                             12003
d- Cool TV                                12004
e- ONTV Max                            12005

13-Most Watched TV Channel of the Year (Viewers Choice)
Criteria– This category is strictly for channel on pay Satellite/Digital TV with largest viewership
a- STV                                      13001
b- AIT                                       13002
c- Galaxy TV                             13003
d- ONTV                                   13004
e- Channels TV                          13005
f- TVC                                       13006
g- HipTV                                   13007
h- EbonyLifeTV                         13008
i- NTA                                       13009
j- WapTV                                   13010

1-Best Radio Station (Lagos)
(Criteria: Production quality, coverage, content and listenership)
a- Rhythm FM                           14001
b- Classic FM                            14002
c- Star FM                                 14003
d- Metro FM                              14004
e-Radio Continental                   14005
f- Smooth FM                           14006
g- Inspiration FM                       14007
h-Top Radio FM                        14008
i-Cool FM                                  14009
j- Beat FM                                 14010
K-Nigerian Info                          14011
l-Brilla FM                                 14012

2-Best Radio Station (North)
a- WE FM (Abuja)                      15001
b- Hot FM, Abuja                       15002
c- Wazobia FM (Kano)               15003
d- Unity FM Jos                                    15004
e- Kiss FM Abuja                       15005
f- KSMC Kaduna                       15006
g- Rhythm FM (Abuja)                15007
h- Cool FM Abuja                      15008
i- Kapital FM (Abuja)                  15009
j- Alheri Radio (Kaduna)             15010
k- ASO Radio, Abuja                 15011
l-Vision FM, Abuja                     15012
m- Wazobia FM (Abuja)             15013
n- Nigeria Info (Abuja)                15014
o- Love FM (Abuja)                    15015

3-Best Radio Station (South-West)
a- Splash FM (Ibadan)               16001
b- Beat FM (Ibadan)                   16002
c- Rainbow FM (Ogun)               16003
d- Premiere FM Ibadan              16004
e- Fresh FM (Ibadan)                 16005
f- Inspiration FM (Ibadan)           16006
g- Breeze FM (Akure)                 16007
h- Raypower FM (Ilorin)              16008
i- Harmony FM (Ilorin)                16009
j- Space FM (Ibadan)                 16010
k- Unique FM (Ilesha)                 16011
l- Raypower Ibadan                    16012
m- Rave FM (Oshogbo)             16013
n- Petals FM (Ibadan)                16014
o- Lagelu FM (Ibadan)                16015

4-Best Radio Station (South-East)
a- Solid 100.9FM (Enugu)          17001
b- Hot FM (Owerri)                     17002
c- Zanders 105.7 FM (Owerri)     17003
d- Dream 92.5 FM (Enugu)         17004
e- CRBC (105.5 FM) (Calabar)    17005
f- Magic FM (Aba)                     17006
g- Sunrise FM (Enugu)               17007
h- Radio Sapientia (Onitsha)       17008
i- Odenigbo FM, Obosi              17009
j- Salt FM, Abakaliki                  17010

5-Best Radio Station (SOUTH-SOUTH)
a- Love FM (Port Harcourt)                     18001
b- Garden City FM (Port Harcourt)          18002
c- Vibes FM (Benin City)                        18003
d- KU FM (Benin)                                   18004
e- Wave (Port Harcourt)                         18005
f- Treasure FM (Port Harcourt)                18006
g- Rhythm FM (Benin)                            18007
h- Royal FM, Yenogoa                           18008
i-Cool FM                                              18009
j- Melody FM, Warri                               18010
k- Nigeria Info (Port Harcourt)                 18011
l-Wazobia FM (PH)                                18012

6-Radio Station with Best News Coverage – (National)
a- Hot FM                                             19001
b- Rhythm FM                                       19002
c- Cool FM                                            19003
d- Raypower FM                                    19004
e- Nigeria Info                                       19005
f- Radio Continental                               19006

7-Radio Station with Best News Covera9e – (North)
a- Grace  FM, Lokoja                             20001
b- Liberty FM (Kaduna)                          20002
c- KSMC (Kaduna)                                 20003
d- WE FM (Abuja)                                  20004
e- Alheri Radio (Kaduna)                        20005
f- Nigeria Info (Abuja)                            20006
g- Unity FM ( Jos)                                 20007
h-Dala FM Kano                                    20008

8-Radio Station with Best News Coverage – (South-West)
a- Royal FM (Ilorin)                                21001
b- Oluyole FM                                       21002
c- Rainbow FM (Ogun State)                  21003
d- Premiere FM (Ibadan)                        21004
e- Independent Radio (Benin)                 21005
f- Splash FM (Ibadan)                            21006
g- Adaba FM (Ondo)                             21007
h- Inspiration FM (Ibadan)                      21008
i- Space FM (Ibadan)                             21009
j-Fresh FM (Ibadan)                               21010
k-Rave FM (Oshogbo)                           21011

9-Radio Station with Best News Coverage – (South-East)
a- Solid FM (Enugu)                                          22001
b- Imo Broadcasting Corporation (Imo State)      22002
c- CR Radio-2 (Calabar)                                     22003
d- Magic FM (Aba                                             22004
e- Dream (Enugu)                                              22005
f- Blaze FM (Anambra)                                       22006

10-Radio Station with Best News Coverage – (South-South)
a- Rhythm FM (Benin)                                        23001
b- Royal FM, Yenogoa                                      23002
c- Love FM (Port Harcourt)                                 23003
d- Garden City FM (Port Harcourt)                      23004
e- Wave FM (Port Harcourt)                                23005
f- Treasure FM (Port Harcourt)                            23006
g- Nigeria Info (Port Harcourt)                            23007

11-Best New Radio Station
Criteria: Station must be relatively new and be regarded as innovative and fast-rising. Radio Station with Best Creative Innovation
a- Fresh FM (Ibadan)                             24001
b- Women FM (Ogun State)                   24002
c- Inspiration FM (Ibadan)                      24003
d- Lagelu FM (Ibadan)                            24004
e- Petals FM (Ibadan                             24005
f-Naija FM (Ibadan)                                24006
g- Rave FM (Oshogbo)                          24007

12-Radio Channel with Best Station Imaging.
This category is designed to recognize excellence in the creation of an overall ‘sound’ for a station or network. To reward creative and effective use of production tools such as liners, jingles, promos and trailers, in establishing and promoting a distinctive on-air station/network identity.
a- Wazobia FM                                      25001
b- Splash FM                                        25002
c- City FM                                             25003
d- Beat FM                                            25004
e- Royal FM (Ilorin)                                25005
f- Liberty FM Kaduna                             25006
g- Independent Radio/TV                       25007
h- Radio Continental                              25008
i- Rhythm FM                                        25009
j- Hot FM                                              25010
k- Kiss FM                                            25011
l- WE FM                                              25012

13-Radio Station with Best Creative Innovation) This category seeks to recognize break-through innovations which have directly enhanced the VIEWER/LISTENER experience or significantly changed the business or distribution model to enable radio/TV services and their brands to better serve their audiences and/or find new audiences. This category recognizes editorial innovation in online, mobile, social or other digital platforms and how that innovation adds to the experience of the listener. Innovative use of content generated through platforms such as social media, Website, DTV or mobile has enhanced the on-air editorial of the programme or station that content is associated with, or brought new listening/viewing experiences to Nigerian consumers. This innovation may relate to a regular or one-off broadcast or on-going activity.

a- Independent Radio (Benin)                 26001
b- Radio Continental (Lagos)                  26002
c- Metro FM                                          26003
d- Liberty FM (Kaduna)                          26004
e- Beat FM                                            26005
f- Royal FM (Ilorin)                                 26006
g- Rhythm FM                                       26007
h- Splash FM (Ibadan)                           26008
i- KU FM (Benin)                                    26009
j- Space FM (Ibadan)                             26010
k- WE FM (Abuja)                                  26011
l-Inspiration FM (Ibadan)                        26012
m-Rave FM (Oshogbo)                          26013

1-Best Indigenous Radio Station (South-West) (Yoruba/Pidgin) (Listener’s Choice) (Criteria: Listenership and coverage)
a- Bond FM (Lagos)                              27001
b- Adaba FM (Akure)                             27002
c- Paramount FM (Abeokuta)                 27003
d- Amuludun FM (Ibadan)                       27004
e- Space FM (Ibadan)                            27005
f- Fresh FM (Ibadan)                              27006
g- Lagelu FM (Ibadan)                            27007
h- Rainbow FM (Ogun)                           27008

2-Best Indigenous Radio Station (North) (Hausa) (Listener’s Choice)
a- Wazobia FM (Kano)                           28001
b- Alheri Radio (Kaduna)                        28002
c- Kada FM (Kaduna)                             28003
d- Freedom Radio (Kano)                      28004

3-Best Indigenous Radio Station (East) (Igbo/pidgin) (Listener’s Choice)
a- Odenigbo FM,(Obosi)                                    29001
b- Heartland FM                                    29002
c- Treasure FM (Port Hrcourt)                 29003
d- Love FM (Umuahia)                           29004
e- Purity FM 102.5 FM (Awka)                29005
f- Orient FM (Owerri)                              29006

1-Best Newscaster (TV) Male
This is strictly for newscasters of TV stations which transmit both on terrestrial and satellite/Digital channel) (Criteria: diction, poise and fashion sense)
a- Gimba Umar (Channel TV)                                          30001
b- Tolu Ajayi ( Galaxy)                                                   30002
c- Joshua Morakinyo (STV)                                            30003
d- Sam Odion Bello (AIT)                                               30004
e- Niyi Oyelowo (TVC)                                                    30005
f- Kudu Abubakir (NTA)                                                  30006
g- Sunny Duke Okosun (Independent Television) 30007
h- Sanni Garba Hassan (Liberty TV, Kaduna)                   30008

2-Best Newscaster (TV) Female
a- Rhoda Oboh (NTA)                            31001
b- Jire Kuforiji (AIT)                                31002
c- Adesuwa Omoruan (STV)                   31003
d- Azeezat Olaoluwa (TVC)                     31004
e- Vivian Oguche (Galaxy TV)                 31005
f- Anne Nwaghodoh (Channel TV)           31006

3-Best TV News Reporter
(Criteria: Consistency, investigative reporting…etc)
a- Sharon Ijasan (TVC News)                  32001
b- Salamatu Ibrahim (AIT)                       32002
c- Betyanaa (Wazobia TV)                      32003
d- Talatu Ehizirike (NTA)             32004
e- Funmi Adesoji (STV)                          32005
f- Best Mbiere (Independent Television)  32006
g- PHOEBE KURE (Liberty TV)              32007

4-Best Radio Newscaster (English) Male
a- Yahaya Umar (Radio Nigeria)              33001
b- Onome Oyaide (Rhythm FM, Lagos)               33002
c- Femi Tunde Okunlola (Royal FM Ilorin)            33003
d- Godwin Asukwo (Cool FM)                            33004
e- George Omagbemi (Nigerian Info)                  33005
f- Victor Njoku (Beat FM)                                   33006
g- Kachi Nnochiri (Classic FM)                           33007
h- IFEANYI ELUMEZIEM (Hot fm) abuja. 33008
i- Boma Barango 92.7 KUfm Benin                     33009
j- Collins Teke (Inspiration FM Ibadan)                33010
k- Abdolfatai Otori (Kapital FM Abuja)                33011
l- Augustus Aigbe (Rhythm FM Benin)                33012
m- Ubong Ukut (Atlantic FM,Uyo)                       33013
n- Victor Dahunsi (Breeze FM,Akure)                  33014
o- SAGIR KANO SALEH (Liberty Radio,Kaduna)       33015
p- Oloruntoba Yusuf (Space FM, Ibadan)            33016
q Seun Akinola (Splash FM, Ibadan)                   33017
r-Sheriff Quadri  (Cool/Nigeria Info FM PH)         33018

5-Best Radio Newscaster (English) Female
a- Juanita Ibrahim (Sunrise FM, Enugu)                           34001
b- Biola Aberuagba (Raypower Lagos)                           34002
c- Aina Ola Salako (Eko FM)                                          34003
d- Juliet Stevens (Dream FM Enugu)                              34004
e- Ife Ajagbe Metro FM Lagos)                                      34005
f- Tolu Adepoju (Space FM, Ibadan)                               34006
g- JACQUELINE ADEBIJA (Liberty Radio,Kaduna)          34007
h- Amina Jibril  (Cool FM Kano)                                 34008
i-Enoh Ogbevire (Nigeria Info FM PH)                             34009


6-Best Newscaster Pidgin/Igbo
a-Uncle C Akpakwalam ochi (Love FM Umuahia) 35001
b- Daddy O (Dream FM Enugu)                                      35002
c- Ben Ejiolameh (Faaji FM)                                           35003
d- Imuchi Chukwu (Orient FM,Owerri)                              35004
e- Joe Igbo – Radio Sapientia (Onitsha)                          35005
f- Temitope Ojelade (Naija FM)                                       35006
g- MC Douglas (Love FM Port Harcourt)                         35007
h- Micah Aruocha a.k.a Mc Ice Water (EKO FM)              35008
i- Doris Amineshi (Space FM, Ibadan)                             35009
j-Ben10 – Wazobia FM PH                                              35010
k- JOSEPHINE ANDREW  (Liberty Radio,Kaduna)                            35011

7-Best Newscaster Yoruba
a- Opeyemi Afilaka (Royal FM Ilorin)                               36001
b- Kayode Adejumo (Faaji FM)                                       36002
c- Debo Yusuff (Radio Lagos)                                       36003
d- Abolade Salami (Fresh FM,Ibadan)                             36004
e- Ajibola Akinyefa (Lagelu FM, Ibadan)                          36005
f- Kola Ladoke (Splash FM,Ibadan)                                36006
g- Tunde Adedokun (Space FM, Ibadan)                         36007
h- Samuel Gbesabi (Inspiration FM, Ibadan)                    36008
i- Olusina olabode (Space FM, Ibadan)                           36009
j- Oluwafemi Adeniyi (Breeze, Akure)                              36010

8-Best Newscaster Hausa
a- Salisu Umar Abdullahi a.k.a Salinger (Alheri radio, Kaduna)      37001
b- UMAR ABUBAKAR MALALI  (Tashar “Yanci FM Kaduna)               37002

1-Best Pay Satellite/Digital TV channel provider
(Criteria): Services and numbers of ‘quality’ channels)
a- ACTV                                    38001
b- CONSAT                               38002
c- DAARSAT                             38003
d- MY TV                                  38004
e- Metro Digital                         38005
f- CMTV                                    38006
g- CTL                                      38007
h- Montage Cable TV                 38008

9-Pay Satellite/ Digital TV channel provider with Best Technical Innovation
This category seeks to recognize break-through innovations which have directly enhanced the VIEWER experience or significantly changed the business or distribution model to enable radio/TV services and their brands to better serve their audiences and/or find new audiences. This category recognizes editorial innovation in online, mobile, social or other digital platforms and how that innovation adds to the experience of the listener. Innovative use of content generated through platforms such as social media, Website, DTV or mobile has enhanced the on-air editorial of the programme or station that content is associated with, or brought new listening/viewing experiences to Nigerian consumers. This innovation may relate to a regular or one-off broadcast or on-going activity.
a- GOTV                       39001
b- MyTV                        39002
c- ACTV                        39003
d- CONSAT                   39004
e- Starsat                      39005
f- Daarsat                     39006

This category welcomes nominees from TV Stations in Sport News, Entertainment and other informative programmes).
1-Best Voice-over Artiste
a- Maryam Awaisu (Liberty Radio Kaduna)                      40001
b- Collins Teke (Inspiration FM, Ibadan)                          40002
c- Ifedayo Olarinde aka Freeze (Cool FM,Lagos)             40003
d- Terry Ikumi (Kapital FM, Abuja)                                   40004
e- Maquin Joseph (Raypower Abuja)                              40005
f- Augustus Aigbe (Rhythm FM, Benin)                           40006
g- Teddy Don-Momoh (StarFM)                                      40007

2-Producer of the Year
a- Nneka Luke (Democracy In Practice on Liberty TV)                  41001
b- Shoggy Tosh ( Youthful to be useful on Ancient Of Days TV)  41002
c- Olawumi Heavens Oola (Red Carpet Extra)                              41003
d- Seun Oluyemi (Rubbin’ Minds)                                               41004
e- Priscilla Nzimiro-Nwanah (EbonyLife TV)                                 41005
f- Ogechukwu Oshin (MetroFile Channels TV)                              41006
g- Tunji Olanipekun of (Big Issue Show TVC)                              41007
h- Omeni Oden (NTA)                                                                 41008
i- Bridget Chigbufue (STV)                                                         41009
j- Nkoli Omohudu (AIT)                                                               41010

3-Cameraman of the Year
a- Mhlengie Mazibuko (Ancient Of Days TV)                               42001
b- Alfred Chia (EbonylifeTV)                                                      42002
c- Godwin Nwachukwu (TVC)                                                      42003
d- Abdul Hassan (Liberty TV)                                                     42004
e- Umar Alfa (NTA)                                                                    42005
f- John Sessou (STV)                                                                42006
g- Godwin N (TVC)                                                                    42007

4-Best Studio Engineer                                   
a- Roy Ijogi (NTA)                                                                      43001
b- Appearance Kojox (STV)                                                       43002
c- Rasheed Oniyangi (Liberty TV)                                               43003
d- Desmond Gboyega Popoola (Splash FM & Lagelu FM)          43004

5-Best Programme Director                 
a- Victor Imoyi (TVC News)                                                        44001
b- Akinsanya Olumide (AIT)                                                        44002
c- Tope Oshin Ogun (Tinsel)                                                       44003
d- Xolani Simo Tosh (Ancient Of Days TV)                                 44004
e- Jumare Adamu Danladi (Liberty TV)                                        44005

6- Best Visual Editor                           
a- Arthur Brooks (Liberty TV)                                                      45001
b- Ray Magagula (Ancient of Days TV)                                       45002
c- Oladimeji Peter Solomon (TVC)                                              45003
d- Casmir Ugbodaga (AIT)                                                         45004
e- Ericson Ezomo (Galaxy TV)                                                   45005
f- Confidence Duru                                                                    45006
g- Jonathan Bolus (NTA)                                                            45007

1- Presenter Extraordinaire. (Viewers /Listeners Choice)
This category is strictly for physically challenged broadcasters/OAP/Presenter/Producer.
a- ChiChi Okohalum (TVC)                                              47001
b- Kasarachi Innocent ((Love FM, PH)                             47002
c- Victor Oteri (Traffic Radio, Lagos)                              47003
d- Philomena Nweze (Kapital FM Abuja)                          47004
e- Yinka Ayefele (Fresh FM, Ibadan)                               47005
2- Nigerian Broadcaster of the year (Male) (People’s Choice)
This category is irrespective of medium (TV/Radio), location and programmes anchor) Criteria: Most Popular, influential, superior Skill, well- rounded, humorous, decent and very original)
a- Dapo Aruwajoye- TVC                                    48001
b- Abdulfatai Otori (Radio Nigeria)                      48002
c- Godwin Enakhena (LTV8)                               48003
d- Toyin Alabi (Liberty Radio)                             48004
e- Nanya Dialli (Rhythm FM)                               48005
f- Uti Nwachukwu                                               48006
g- Dayo Olarinde (Freeze) (Cool FM)                  48007
h- Booboo (Radio Continental, Lagos)                48008
i- Big Mo’ (Wazobia FM, Abuja)                          48009
j- Ebuka Obi-Uchendu                                        48010
k- Juicy Juinx (KU FM,Benin                              48011
l- Tisan Bako (Raypower, Lagos)                        48012
m- Stanley Bentu (WE FM, Abuja)                      48013
n- Chico (Classic FM, Lagos)                             48014
o- Tyeng Gang (Kiss FM,Abuja)                         48015
p- Lorenzo Menakaya (Lion FM,Enugu)               48016
q-Brainiac (Solid FM,Enugu)                              48017

3- Nigerian Broadcaster of the year-Female. (People’s Choice)
a- Zulyhat Bello (Liberty Radio)                                      49001
b- Stephanie Coker (MTV)                                              49002
c- Opubelebara Parker (RST)                                          49003
d- Bukola Ogunrinde (Classic FM Lagos)                        49004
e- Helen Paul (Jara on AfricaMagic)                                49005
f- Moyo Oyatogun (Star FM Lagos)                                49006
g- Toke Makinwa (Rhythm FM, Lagos)                            49007
h- Tolu Oniru aka Toolz (Beat FM)                                   49008
i- Dolapo Oni (EbonyLife TV)                                         49009
j- Amaka Fresh (Hot FM Abuja)                                      49010
k- Aderinsola-Omotola Adebanjo ( WE FM, Abuja)          49011
l- Labi Olayori (TVC)                                                      49012
m-Abimbola Oloko (LTV 8)                                             49013
n- Jumai Shaba (Discovery +234)                                   49014
o- Olaitan Bakare (Raypower,Lagos)                               49015

4- African Broadcaster of the Year –Male (People’s Choice)
This category welcomes nomination of presenters across the globe with programmes on satellite channels; they could come from any part of the country within Africa)
a- Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria)                                             50001
b- Lawrence Maleka (South Africa)                                 50002
c- Jake Okechukwu Effoduh                                          50003
d- Thomas Ayuk Fotang (Cameroun)                              50004
e- Shoggy Tosh (Ancient Of Days TV, & Arise TV)          50005
f- Mark Masai (Kenya)                                                    50006
g- Papayaw Addo-Boateng (Ghana)                               50007
h- – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu (Nigeria)                                   50008
i- Peter Okwoche (Nigeria/BBC Focus on Africa)             50009
j- Charles Anazodo (Nigeria)                                           50010
k- Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode (Nigeria)                           50011
l- Dapo Aruwajoye (Nigeria)                                            50012

5- African Broadcaster of the Year –Female
a- Peace Hyde (Ghana)                                                  51001
b- Bonang Matheba (South Africa)                                 51002
c- Didi Akinyelure (CNBC Africa)                                                51003
d- Adu Safowaah Regina (Ghana)                                   51004
e- Nolwandle Mkhize (Ancient Of Days TV)                     51005
f- Dolapo Oni (Nigeria)                                                   51006
g- Anita Erskine (Ghana)                                                51007
h- Stephanie Coker (Nigeria)                                           51008
i- Weza Solange (Angola)                                               51009
j- Mimi Fawaz (Vox Africa TV)                                        51010
k- Labi Olayori (Nigeria)                                                 51011

6- Sexiest On-Air Personality- Male (Viewers /Listeners Choice)
(Criteria: Good body frame, fashion sense, carriage and diction
a- Adesope Olajide – (Vox Africa Sky 218)         52001
b- Aminu‎ Isah Abba (Liberty FM, Kaduna)           52002
c- Terry Ikumi, (Kapital FM,Abuja)                       52003
d- Tisan Bako (Raypower, Lagos                        52004
e- Frank Edohor (WWTBM)                                52005
f- Ebuka Obi-Uchendu (EbonyLive TV)               52006
g- DJ TTB (Cool FM, Abuja)                               52007
h- Sensei Uche (City FM)                                   52008
i- Joseph Benjamin                                            52009
j- Mr. Juicy Juix ( KU FM, Benin)                                    52010

7- Sexiest On-Air Personality-Female
a- Destiny Amaka (Cool FM, Lagos)                               53001
b- Khadija Hassan Sani (TASHR YANCI Kaduna) 53002
c- Toke Makinwa (Rhythm FM, Lagos)                            53003
d- Neni-B (Hot FM,Abuja)                                               53004
e- Gloria Maduka                                                           53005
f- Nancy Isime (HipTV)                                                   53006
g- Pearl Cardy (SoundCity)                                            53007
h- Tolu Oniru aka Toolz (Beat FM, Lagos)                       53008
i- Osen Attah (Kapital FM,Abuja)                                                53009
j- Sweet mandy (Blaze FM Anambra)                              53010
k- Zulyhat Bello Gobir (Liberty FM Kaduna)                     53011


H-Late Ambassador Segun Olusola Categories (NBMA 1st Grand-Patron)
1- Actor of the Year (This is in memory of Late Ambassador Segun Olusola. It’s a ‘Viewers Choice’ award category, and it welcomes nominees from Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa movie genres. Criteria: Popularity, creativity and versatility. The nominees must feature in popular TV drama, soap opera or in high numbers of home videos shown on TV)
a- Basorge Taria Jnr (Do Good)                                     54001
b- Blossom Chukwujekwu (Taste of Love)                       54002
c- Victor Olaotan (Tinsel)                                                54003
d- Sadiq Daba (Hotel Majestic)                                      54004
e- Charles Inojie (The Johnson Family)                            54005
f- Bayo Adebanjo (Meet The Adebanjos)                                    54006
g- Alex Okubo (AY crib)                                                 54007
h- Kayode Peters                                                          54008
i- Joseph Benjamin (Desperate Housewives Africa)         54009

2- Actress of the Year (Viewers Choice) (This is in memory of Late Ambassador Segun Olusola. It’s a ‘Viewers Choice’ award category, and it welcomes nominees from Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa movie genres. Criteria: Popularity, creativity and versatility. The nominees must feature in popular TV drama, soap opera or in high numbers of home videos shown on TV)
a- Tina Mba                                                                   55001
b- Caroline King                                                                        55002
c- Funke Akindele (Jenifer’s Diary)                                 55003
d- Lilian Esoro                                                               55004
e- Ivie Okujaye (Hotel Majestic)                                      55005
f- Ada Ameh (The Johnson’s Family)                              55006
g- Michelle Dede (Desperate Housewives Africa             55007
h- Iretiola Doyle (Dowry)                                                            55008
i- Makida Moka (Taste of Love)                                      55009
j- Kate Henshaw (Do Good)                                           55010

3- Artiste of the Year-Male (This category welcomes nominees with high airplay in the year under review)
a- Tekno                                   56001
b- Olamide                                56002
c- Phyno                                   56003
d- Flavour                                 56004
e- Timi Dakolo                           56005
f- Davido                                  56006
g- Wizkid                                  56007
h- Korede Bello                         56008

4- Artiste of the Year-Female This category welcomes nominees with high airplay in the year under review)
a- Yemi Alade                           57001
b- Cynthia Morgan                     57002
c- Sheyi Shay                            57003
d- Simi                                      57004
e- Niyola                                   57005
f- Waje                                      57006
g- Aramide                                57007

5-Humanitarian Award- (This category is strictly for Broadcaster/ OAP/ presenter with self-financed TV/Radio programme, NGO, event etc that has great influence on people’s life)
a- Maryam Awaisu (Sickle Cell Awareness)                                                          58001
b- Terry Ikumi, (Kick For Charity )                                                                       58002
c- Chief (Mrs) Y.A Babajide, (Total Peace)                                                          58003
d- Ariyike Akinbobola, (Ariyike Arise Initiative)                                                     58004
e- Adeola Osinuga aka ‘Phoenix’,  (Firebird Foundation)                                      58005
f-Princess Akporaro, (Impact for living foundation/ Gideon sickle cell foundation)            58006
g- Ahmed Isah ( Brekete Family on Love FM, Abuja.)                                          58007

6-Entertainment Writer of the Year
a- Victor Akande (The Nation Newspaper)                                   59001
b- Nseobong Okon-Ekong (Thisday Newspaper)                         59002
c- Chuks Nwanne (Guardian Newspapers)                                   59003
d- Benjamin Njoku (Vanguard Newspapers)                                 59004
e- Tade Makinde (Tribune Newspapers)                                       59005
f- Biodun Kupoluyi (E247)                                                          59006
g- Hammed Bulour (Union Newspaper)                                       59007
h- Hazeez Balogun (Daily Independent)                                       59008
i- Tosin Ajirire (The Sun )                                                            59009
j- Chris Agabi ( Daily Trust)                                                        59010
k- Nonye Ben-Nwankwo (The Punch Newspapers)                       59011

7- Newspaper/Magazine of the year
a- E247                                     60001
b- Vanguard Newspapers           60002
c- Guardian Newspapers            60003
d- Tribune Newspapers              60004
e- The Punch Newspapers          60005
f- The Nation Newspapers          60006
g- The Sun Newspapers             60007

1- Best Campus Radio Station
a- SEARCH FM 92.3 (F.U.T MINNA)                    61001
b- Diamond (UI) FM                                           61002
c- Unilorin FM (Kawara State                              61003
d- Noun FM (Lagos)                                          61004
e- Lumen FM                                                     61005
f- KASU FM (Kaduna)                                        61006
g- GOuni Radio (Enugu)                                     61007
h- ESUT FM 106.5 (Enugu)                                 61008
i- Caritas FM                                                     61009
j- NOUN FM (Lagos)                                          61010
k- UnibenFM (Benin)                                          61011

2- Best Campus Radio Presenter
a- George Natural (GOuni Radio)                        62001
b- Adams Palmer (Kasu FM)                              62002
c- Odafe Imogu (Search FM)                              62003
d- Fish (NOUN FM)                                            62004
e- Dandy (Diamond FM, Ibadan)                                    62005
f- Oluyemisi Olayemi (Unilorin FM)                      62006
g- Harri Obi (Unilag FM)                                     62007
h- Ushbaby (Lumen Radio)                                 62008
i- Alex Ogbodo (GOuni Radio)                           62009
j- Hyginus Ezeamadi (UnizikFM)                         62010
k- Eze Gosife Kizito (GOuniradio)                       62011
l- Real Skillz (Unilag FM)                                    62012

3- Best Online Radio Channel
a- Fortis Radio                                                  63001
b-                                               63002
c- Nollywoodbroadcastingservice .com              63003
d-                                            63004
e- iaspire Radio                                                 63005
f-                                             63006
g-                                            63007
h-                                          63008
i- Unleashthe80s                                                63009
j-                                                 63010

4- Best Online TV Channel
a- YNaija TV                                          64001
b- Oak TV                                             64002
c- Sahara TV                                         64003
d- Pulse TV (Nigeria)                              64004
e- Ibaka TV                                           64005
f- iROKOtv                                            64006
g- Cool TV                                            64007
h- Koga Extra TV                                   64008
i- TV                                       64009

5- Website/blog of the year
a-                           65001
b- Daily Post Nigeria                 65002
c- Premium Times                      65003
d- Linda Ikeji                             65004
e- OloriSupergirl                        65005
f- Nairaland Forum                     65006
g-                             65007
h-                          65008
i- Saharareporters                      65009
j-                                65010                                65011

1- Best Entertainment program on TV (Criteria: Must be Syndicated or run on satellite/Digital TV channel, good concept/content, consistency and large viewership)
a- Hitlist N Cruzzing                                           66001
b- Studio 53 Extra (DSTV)                                 66002
c- Trending (HipTv)                                            66003
d- D’Beat Zone (WAPTV)                                   66004
e- EL Now ( Ebonylife TV)                                  66005
f- Reel Nollywood Galaxy TV                             66006
g- MetroFile (Channels TV)                                 66007
h- Hitz OnTV                                                      66008
i- Entertainment Splash (TV Continental)             66009
j- The Big Picture (STV)                                      66010
k- The Mercy Project (AfricaMagic)                           66011
l- Playground                                                    66012
m- The Wild Card Show (AfricaMagic)                 66013
n- Your Views (TVC)                                          66014
o- Video Wheels                                                66015
p- AREWAR MU (LIBERTY TV)                                             66016

2- Best TV Series
a- Shuga                                               67001
b- Taste of Love                                    67002
c- Calabash                                           67003
d- Hotel Majestic                                   67004
e- Super Story                                       67005
f- Family Ties                                        67006
g- The Story of Us                                 67007
h- Desperate Housewives Africa             67008
i- Lekki Wives                                        67009

ii- Comedy
a- Do Good                                          68001
b- Meet The Adebanjos                          68002
c- Jenifa’s Diary                                                68003
d- Face to face                                     68004

3- Best Talk Show on TV
a- Buzz Live With Owen Gee                                           69001
b- Amazons with Bimbo Akintola                                                69002
c- Seriously Speaking with Adesuwa Onyenokwe            69003
d- Highlights With IK                                                      69004
e- You & I with Monalisa Chinda                                     69005
f- Rubbin’ Minds                                                                        69006
g- The Spot (EbonylifeTV)                                             69007
h- On the Couch (Spice TV)                                            69008
i- This Morning (TVC)                                                     69009
j- Big Issue (TVC)                                                          69010
k- STV Today                                                                69011
l- Head to Head (STV)                                                    69012
m- Face Off (Channels TV)                                             69013
n- The L.A.B.I Show (TVC)                                              69014
o- Discovery +234 (NTA)                                                69015
p-Morning Delight (LTV8)                                               69016
q- JIRGIN GIST (LIBERTY TV)                                                                69017

4- Best TV Reality Show
a- Dance With Peter                                                       70001
b- Techno Own The Stage                                              70002
c- MTN Project Fame                                                     70003
d- Nigerian Idol                                                              70004
e- Make Me Fabulous by Stephanie Okereke Linus          70005
f- African Diva by Chika Ike                                           70006

5- Best Brands/Business/ Food/Technology programme on TV (Viewer’s Choice)
a- EOM                                                             71001
b- Brandworld                                                   71002
c- 101 Business                                                 71003
d- Tech Trend (Channels)                                   71004
e- The Money Show (AIT)                                   71005
f- Business Morning (Channels TV)                     71006

6- Best Sports program on TV (Criteria: Must be Syndicated or run on satellite/Digital TV channel, good concept/content, consistency and large viewership)
a- Sports Center (TVC)                                       72001
b- Sports Report (Arise TV)                                72002
c- Sports Splash (LTV 8)                                    72003
d- Sports Palaver (Channels TV)             72004
e- Sport Edge (Galaxy)                                      72005
f- Sport Café (STV)                                           72006
g- Sports Arena (WAPTV)                                  72007
h- Hilltop sports (Etv)                                        72008
i- SPORTS RIDE (LIBERTY TV)                                               72009

7- Longest Running TV Programme of the year.
a- Moment with Mo                                            73001
b- Inside Out with Agatha Amata                                    73002
c- News Line (NTA)                                            73003
d- Owuro Lawa (LTV 8)                                       73004
e- New Live Beat (Cally ikpe)                              73005
f- This Morning on ITV                                       73006
g-Video Wheels                                                 73007
h-Music Africa                                                   73008
i-Goge Africa                                                    73009

8- Best Kiddies/Youth Programme of the Year TV
a- Scrap Palace (Galaxy TV)                              74001
b- Kingdom Kids (Ancient Of Days TV)              74002
c- Nnena and Friends (WapTv)                           74003
d- Alo Iya Agba (AfricaMagic)                            74004
e- STORY TIME (LIBERTY TV)                                               74005

9- Best TV Community Access programme. (Viewer’s Choice). This is for programmes broadcast on community access licensed stations only, and reflect the value of community access broadcasting to their communities of interest. These communities may include cultural, ethnic and social minorities, special needs and special interest groups within the Nigerian society. Programmes should be by, for and about the target community. Any social action initiative, campaign, programme or series that has been used to engage the listening public in a positive, community-focused way.
a- On The Street (TVC)               75001
b- KaKaaki (AIT)                        75002
c- Network Africa (Channels)      75003
d- National Pulse (Galaxy TV)     75004
e- News Line (NTA)                    75005

1- Best Community Access programme on Radio. (Viewers /Listeners Choice). This is for programmes broadcast on community access licensed stations only, and reflect the value of community access broadcasting to their communities of interest. These communities may include cultural, ethnic and social minorities, special needs and special interest groups within the Nigerian society. Programmes should be by, for and about the target community. Any social action initiative, campaign, programme or series that has been used to engage the listening public in a positive, community-focused way
a- Kubanji Direct (Radio Continental)                                          76001
b- Sapientia Xpress (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                            76002
c- Mata for Ground (Wave FM,PH)                                             76003
d- I Beg Una with Fred Nwaulune and Comfort Agbai (Metro FM) 76004
e- Hardfacts (Nigeria Info)                                                          76005
f- People’s forum (Dream FM)                                                    76006
g- E concern Me (Rainbow FM)                                                  76007
h- Real Talk (Royal FM)                                                              76008
i- Real Estate & Properties on Radio (Splash FM)                       76009
k- Health Check ( Splash FM)                                                     76011
l- MOTHER AND CHILD (INSPIRATION FM, Ibadan)                    76012
m- Ina Dalili (Liberty FM)                                                            76013
2- Best Radio Program Presenter (s) Educational/Health/Human Interest
a- Smooth Book Review (Smooth FM)                                                                77001
b- Benjy (Book On Review, Classic FM)                                                              77002
c- Health Watch (Radio Nigeria)                                                                          77003
d- Big Tak and Shedy Kay (Naija Our’ on City FM Lagos)                                    77004
e-Campus Network with Star D Prince and Oma ((Radio Sapientia Onitsha           77005
f- CONSTANCE IROELE (Healthwise on Wave FM, PH)                                       77006
g- Richard Ekpo –(Sharing life’s issues on Inspiration FM, Ibadan)                       77007
h- ROTIMI AKINTUNDE (Open Access on Wave FM,PH)                          77008
i- Ife Adeniyi (Book Splash on Splash FM)                                                          77009
j-JADESOLA AJIBOLA (MOTHER AND CHILD on Inspiration FM,Ibadan) 77010
k- Sweet Mandy ( Here & Now on Blaze fm Anambra)                                          77011
l- AISHA MUSA HASSAN (LIKITAN LIBERTY)                                                                                    77012
3- Best Kiddies/Youth Programme of the Year Radio
a- Generation Now (Wave FM, PH)                                 78001
b- Box of Goodies (Radio Continental)                           78002
c- KIDS AND TEENS (Liberty Radio)                              78003
d- Kid’s Corner (Wave FM,PH))                                      78004
e- Brain Teasers (Space FM, Ibadan)                              78005
f- Kiddie’s ultimate challenge (KU FM, Benin)                      78006
g- The City kids show (CITY FM, Lagos)                                   78007

1- Outstanding TV presenter (Entertainment/Talk Show) (Male) (Criteria: Must be a host of syndicated programmes or programme running on satellite/digital TV Channels, composure, followership and style)
a- AHMED X-RAY (Liberty TV)                           79001
b- Dapo Aruwajoye (TVC)                                  79002
c- Ebuka Obi Uchendu (Rubbin’ Minds)              79003
d- Ekeng Bassey (EL Now)                                79004
e- Adams (Soundcity)                                        79005
f- Collins Talker (Galaxy TV)                               79006
g- Mike Nwadibe- (STV)                                     79007
h- Zdon Paporella (Music Africa)                                    79008
i- Mursty Adinoyi (Hitlist n Cruising)                    79009

2- Outstanding TV presenter (Entertainment/Talk Show) (Female)
a- Oreka Godis (Love Lounge on EbonyLife TV              80001
b- Oge Osih (Channels TV)                                             80002
c- Nancy Isime (HipTv)                                                   80003
d- Alero Didiere (Galaxy TV                                            80004
e- Ariyike Akinbobola (Spice on TV)                               80005
f- Stephanie Coker (MTVbase)                                       80006
g- Olayemi Ogunwole (Honypot) (TVC Entertainment)      80007
h- Wofai Samuel- (MITV)                                                80008
i- Pearl Cardy (Soundcity)                                              80009
j- Jacqueline Adebija (Liberty TV)                                   80010

3- Most Promising Young Presenter (TV/Radio) (This category is for young and emerging talent in the broadcasting industry.
a- Collins Teke (Inspiration FM, Ibadan)                          81001
b- Harris Obi (Unilag FM)                                               81002
c- Ehis (MTVBase)                                                         81003
d- Kiki Mordi (KU FM, Benin)                                          81004
e- Boluwaji Ogunsola (Star FM,Ibadan)                           81005
f- Sumbo Olanrewaju (Space FM, Ibadan)                       81006
g- Dr Warri Connect (Lagelu FM, Ibadan)                        81007
h- Tunde Onadeko (Space FM, Ibadan)                           81008
i- HALIMA YUSUF SADA  ( Liberty TV /Radio)                      81009
j-Chief Adelakun (Blaze FM, Anambra)                            81010

4- Outstanding Sportscaster on TV (Male)
a- Niran Adesanya (STV)                                    82001
b- Charles Anazodo (SuperSport)                       82002
c- Godwin Enakhena (SportsSplash)                  82003
d- Miyen Akiri (Galaxy TY)                                  82004
e- Solomon Ajuziogu (TVC)                                82005
f- AONDUNA INGYA (Liberty TV,Kaduna)           82006
g- Boluwaji Ogunmola (BCOS, Ibadan)               82007
h- Austin Okon-Akpan (Channels TV)                  82008
i-Omodia Okhueleigbe (Radio Continental)         82009

5- Outstanding Sportscaster on TV (Female)
a- Kibati Bankole (Freelance Radio/TV)               83001
b- Cecilia Omorogbe (Galaxy TV)                       83002
c- Janine (Inspiration FM,Lagos)                         83003

6- Best Sports analyst/commentator    
a- Segun Agbede                                                          84001
b- Shoggy Tosh (Arise News, Channels, TVC News         84002
c- Sammy Kufour                                                          84003
d- YAKUBU BAMALLI (Liberty TV)                                  84004
e- Biola Kazeem                                                            84005
f-Paterson Mgbeoji                                                        84006
g-Ufuoma Egbamuno                                                    84007
h-Ngozi Ezeuduma (Khalela)                                           84008
i- TUNJI OYELEKE                                                                                  84009
j- KINGSLEY AKPAN                                                                             84010
k-Edafe Matthew (Brila FM, Lagos                                                     84011
l- Overdoze- (Brila FM,Lagos)                                                             84012

7- Red Carpet Host of the Year
i- Male
a- Femi Daniel (HipTv)                                       85001
b- Denrele Edun                                                85002
c- Collins Talker (Galaxy TV)                              85003
d- Ehis (MTVBase)                                            85004
e- Adams (Soundcity)                                        85005
f- Tage Buldoza (Nigezie)                                   85006
g- EMMANUEL ANDYAR (EMAN) (Liberty TV/Radio)     85007

ii- Female
a- Nancy Isime (HipTV)                          86001
b- Comfort Swizz Peter                          86002
c- Pearl Cardy (Soundcity)                     86003
d- Yvonne Vixen Ekwere                        86004
e- Toyin Black (Black TV)                       86005
f- Stephanie Coker (MTVBase)               86006
g- ZULYHAT BELLO (Liberty TV)            86007

(Criteria) Presenter of live programme with good concept and huge listenership)
1-Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (Morning Ride (5am-11am)
a- Osi Suave ( Beatz FM)                                                           87001
b- Maria Okanrende (Beat FM)                                                    87002
c- Olaitan Bakare (Ultimate Morning Show Raypower)                  87003
d- Bukola Ogunrinde ( Classic FM)                                             87004
e- Booboo (Radio Continental)                                                   87005
f- Fisayo ((Radio Continental)                                                     87006
g- Tolulope ( Nigeria Info)                                                          87007
h- Onome (Nigeria Info)                                                              87008
i- Mayowa ( Wazobia FM)                                                           87009
j- Titi Oyinsan ( Inspiration FM)                                                   87010
k- Moyo Oyatogun (Daily Guide on Star FM)                               87011
l- Nanya Diali ( Rhythm FM)                                                        87012
m- Mazino ( Smooth FM)                                                           87013
n- Sope ( Smooth FM)                                                               87014
o- Sabina (Naija FM,Lagos)                                                        87015
p- Ife Ajagbe­ ( Metro FM)                                                           87016
q- NWADIUTO NDIBE-OKOYE ( Metro FM)                                 87017
r- Ushbebe (Naija FM,Lagos)                                                      87018
s- Debola (Radio Continental)                                                    87019
t- Adebisi Adewusi ( Eko FM)                                                     87020
u- Anny Salako ( Eko FM)                                                          87021
v- Bella Rose ( City FM)                                                             87022
w- Godwin Aruwayo (Naija FM, Lagos)                                        87023
x-Onome Igugu (Nigeria Info)                                                     87024

2- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour (11am-4pm)
a- Itunu Bernice (Top Radio)                               88001
b- Funmi Longe (Top Radio)                              8800
c- Dotun (Cool FM)                                            88003
d- Temi (Cool FM)                                             88004
e- BigTyme ( Rhythm FM)                                  88005
f- Igos (( Wazobia FM)                                       88006
g- Toolz ( Beat FM)                                            88007
h- Sunday Sonar Imonah ( Metro FM)                 88008
i- Lolo ( Wazobia FM)                                        88009
j- Ini (Metro File on Smooth FM)                         88010
k- OlaEmdin ( Star FM )                                     88011
l- Shola Thompson (Smooth FM)                        88012
m- Moyolistic (Naija FM)                                                88013
n- Tumi Slizz ( Star FM )                         88014
o- Prince (City FM)                                            88015
p- Lady O Mary (Radio Continental ,Lagos)         88016
q- Ajebo (Naija FM)                                           88017

3- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drive Time (4pm-8pm)
a- Zoe (Nigeria Info)                                           89001
b- Chuks (Nigeria Info)                                       89002
c- Chico (Classic FM)                                        89003
d- Kody ( Wazobia FM)                                      89004
e- Uzo ( Wazobia FM)                                        89005
f- Aderonke Adebanjo Smooth FM                     89006
g- Kaylah Oniwo (Cool FM)                                89007
h- Osam (Naija FM)                                            89008
i- The Genie (Smooth FM)                                  89009
j- Teddy Don-Momoh ( Star FM)                         89010
k- The Big Tak and Shedy K (City FM)                89011
l- DJ Boombastic                                              89012
m- Mark ‘Dsoulja Otabor ( Radio Continental)      89013
n- Moses Humphrey ( Metro FM)                        89014
o- OTB (Naija FM)                                              89015

4- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Night cruise (8pm-5am)
a- N6 ( Cool FM)                                                                        90001
b- Chris de Razor (After Dark on Beat FM)                                  90002
c- Joyce ( Cool FM)                                                                   90003
d- Charles Dallas (Other side Of Midnight on Inspiration FM)       90004
e- Destiny Amaka (Cool FM)                                                      90005
f- Vien Bamidele (Lights-Out-With-Vien on City FM                      90006
g- Ifektive (Naija FM)                                                                 90007

1-Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Morning Ride (5am-11am)
a- AONDUNA INGYA (Liberty Radio)                              91001
b- Tony ( Cool FM Abuja)                                               91002
c- Kenneth ( Cool FM Abuja)                                          91003
d- Edima( Cool FM Abuja)                                             91004
e- Bunmi Afolabi aka Reegobaba ( kiss FM)                   91005
f- Solomon Lorpev (Kapital FM, Abuja)                           91006
g- Joy Makka (Kapital FM, Abuja)                                  91007
h- Queen Rita ( Hot FM, Abuja) (                         91008
i- Philip Omachi (Oga Driver on KSMC FM Kaduna)         91009
j- Bello Lukman (Unity FM, Jos)                                      91010
k- Stanley Bentu (WE FM Abuja                                     91011
l- Sacmitchit Solomon (Peace FM Jos)                           91012
m-Moses Nongoatse (Ajebo)  (Wazobia FM,Kano)          91013
n- Ponsah Fanab (Unity FM, Jos)                                   91014
o- Prince Daniel (Aboki) (Wazobia FM, Kano)                  91015
p- Bello Lukman (Unity FM, JOS)                                   91016
q- Dayo Skills ( Grace FM, Lokoja)                                 91017
r- Giwe Whegbe (Vision FM, Abuja)                                91018
s- Joseph Ibeh (Vision FM Kaduna)                                91019
t- Anidugbe Toluwalope (Sophie)  (Cool FM, Kano)         91020
2- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Midday/Lunch Hour (11am-4pm)
a- Peter Broderick (Liberty Radio Kaduna)                      92001
b- Anne ( Cool FM Abuja)                                              92002
c- Godwin ( Cool FM Abuja)                                           92003
d- Onyinye Agiriga (Kapital FM,Abuja)                            92004
e- Neni B (Hot FM, Abuja)                                              92005
f- Maltida Duncan (Rhythm FM, Abuja)                           92006
g- Danny Sucre (Hot FM, Abuja)                                     92007
h- Lady G (Wazobia FM Abuja)                                       92008
i- Charlie Kingpin (Raypower FM, Jos)                            92009
j- Hundung Gyang (Peace FM, Jos)                                92010
k- Grace Ladan ( Raypower FM, Kaduna)                        92011
l- Habiba Muhammad (Biba) (Wazobia FM, Kano)            92012
m- Kamri Apollo (WE FM Abuja)                                     92013

n- Daniel Ayaka (D’ Talk)     (Cool FM, Kano)                  92014


3-Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drive time 4pm-8pm)
a- Andrew Patience (Unity FM Jos)                                 93001
b- Prince Hyness Iheanacho (Liberty Radio, Kaduna)       93002
c- Uju (Kiss FM Abuja)                                                   93003
d- Jennifer and Jasper (Road Show on Cool FM, Abuja)  93004
e- Abdulfatai Otori- (Kapital FM, Abuja)                          93005
f- Prince Rahim (Hot FM, Abuja)                                     93006
g- Samson Omale (Rythm FM Jos)                                 93007
h- Willy-Willy- (Wazobia FM,Abuja)                                 93008
i- Chiagozie Agoawike (Chiboi) (Wazobia FM,Kano)         93009
j- Kayla Dominica Megwa (WE FM, Abuja)                      93010
k- Hussaina Usman (Dashen)  (Cool FM, Kano)               93011
l- Osen Attah (Kapital FM, Abuja)                                   93012
m-Mannura Umar (Simy) (Wazobia FM, Kano)                 93013

4- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Night cruise (8pm-5am)
a- Joshua Ishaya (Liberty Radio, Kaduna)                       94001
b- Juicy Jane ( Cool FM, Abuja)                                     94002
c- Sheye Banks ( Kiss FM, Abuja)                                  94003
d- Terry Ikumi (Kapital FM, Abuja)                                   94004
e- Princess Akporaro (Kapital FM, Abuja)                       94005
f- Joey (Hot FM, Abuja )                                                            94006
g- Pam (Hot FM, Abuja )                                                94007
h- FEMID AMELE (Nigeria Info, Abuja)                           94008
i- Cynthia Agbor (Vision FM, Abuja)                                94009
j- Esther Isiaka (Tin Tomatoe) (Wazobia FM Kano)           94010

k-Mary Obadeki (Yasmin) Cool FM Kano                        94011


1- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Morning Ride (5am-11am)
a- Femi Tunde Okunlola (Royal FM Ilorin)                        95001
b- Ronke Giwa (Splash FM)                                           95002
c- Wale Ozolua (Beat FM, Ibadan)                                  95003
d- Titus Badejo (Naija FM, Ibadan)                                  95004
e- Soulman Sly (Positive FM Akure)                               95005
f- Demola Adediji (Naija FM, Ibadan)                              95006
g- Oludolapo Adewale (Breeze FM, Ondo)                      95007
h- Mr Rain (Space FM, Ibadan)                                       95008
i- Laura Alao (Naija FM, Ibadan)                                      95009
j- Victor Dahunsi (Breeze FM,Ondo)                                95010
k- Adebayo Faleke (Fresh FM, Ibadan)                           95011

2-Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour (11am-4pm)
a- Michael Olatunbosun (Talking Point on Splash FM, Ibadan)     96001
b- Monica “Monique” Aigbe (Vibes FM, Benin)                            96002
c- Collins Teke (Inspiration FM,Ibadan)                                       96003
d- Hakeem Lawal (Naija FM, Ibadan)                                           96004
e- Mariam Adeola Gbadebo aka Mspyce ( Fresh FM, Ibadan)      96005
f- Folakemi Arowolo (Naija FM)                                                  96006
g- Jimi Jinger (Raypower FM, Ibadan)                                         96007
h- Kolade (Raypower FM, Ibadan)                                              96008
i- Olasunbo Olanrewaju (Space FM, Ibadan)                                96009
j- Vickie Alozie (Beat FM, Ibadan)                                               96010
k- Fortune Davis (Beat FM, Ibadan)                                            96011
l- Sola Green (Breeze FM, Akure)                                                96012
m- Omolola Akinbo (Breeze FM, Akure)                                      96013

3-Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drive time (4pm-8pm)
a- SWEET STEVE (ORANGE FM, AKURE)                                 97001
b- Don General (Independent Radio , Benin)                               97003
c- Mr. Juicy Juix ( KU FM, Benin)                                               97004
d- Rolake Bello (Fresh FM Ibadan)                                             97005
e Richard Ekpo aka Rhyno007 (Inspiration FM, Ibadan)               97006
f- Big L (Raypower, Ibadan)                                                       97007
g- Lola Shomuyiwa (Beat FM, Ibadan)                                        97008
h- Peteru (Naija FM)                                                                   97009
i- Fisayo Adebanjo (Beat FM, Ibadan)                                         97010
j- Femi Germann (Naija FM)                                                        97011
k- Kafayat (Rainbow FM, Ogun State)                                         97012
l- Lola Akinyele ( Petals FM, Ibadan)                                           97013
m- Jacobs Adeyemi (Splash FM)                                                           97014

4-Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Night cruise (8pm-5am)
a- Donald Falayi (Orange FM, Akure)                  98001
b- Chika “Tshyka” Agu (KU FM, Benin)               98002
c- Winqy (Royal FM,Ilorin)                                  98003
d- Dotun Amosun aka Soul (Fresh FM, Ibadan)   98004
e- MC Coded (Raypower FM, Ibadan)                 98005
f- Abimbola Adekogbe ( Space FM, Ibadan)       98006
g- Telojo Emina (Beat FM, Ibadan)                     98007
h- Kennie Fagbemi (Beat FM, Ibadan)                 98008
i- Seyi Simple (Oluyole FM, Ibadan)                    98009
j- Adedoyinsola Aladedahunsi ( Breez FM, Akure) 98010
k- Timi Kayy (Rave FM, Oshogbo                          98011
l- Keneth “Kboogie” Ugwueje                          98012

1- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Morning Ride 5am-11am)
a- Micheal Onumonum (Hot FM, Owerri)                          99001
b- Mazi Benjamin (Blaze FM, Anambra)                           99002
c- Ebere Kalu Akalonu (Hot FM,Oweri)                            99003
d- DJ Jovia ( Sapientia FM, Onitsha)                              99004
e- ElYubee (Salt FM)                                                     99005
f- Freshmann J, (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                      99006
g- DJ Geoman ((Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                       99007
h- Lilian Ikedigwe (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                    99008
i- Osarogie Ogbonmwan (Solid FM)                                99009
j- Jude Thomas Dawam ( Dream FM Enugu)                   99010

2- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour 11am-4pm)
a- The Duchess Oma (Dream FM)                                   100001
b- Royal Pixy (Hot FM, Owerri)                                       100002
c- MC Spinosky (Atlantic FM, Uyo)                                 100003
d- The Duke (CRBC FM, Calabar )                                  100004
e- Nelson Etta (Salt FM)                                                 100005
f- Ifeanyi Orakwue (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                   100006
g- JJ Agada Aguzie (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                100007
h- MC Olivia )Sunrise FM)                                              100008
i- Alex D’baseline (Blaze FM, Anambra)                          100009
j- Mercy Orji (Solid FM)                                                  100010
k- MCKay (Odenigbo FM)                                              100011
l- Lorenzo Menakaya (Lion FM, Enugu)                           100012

3- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drive time (4pm-8pm)
a- OB Fado (Hot FM, Owerri)                  101001
b- Gloria Orji-Emodi (Dream FM)            101002
c- Dejocular (Sunrise FM)                      101004
d-Marc Swagz (Dream FM,Enugu)         101005
e-Bishop (Blaze FM Anambra)                101006

1- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Morning Ride 5am-11am)
a- Shedrack ( Rhythm FM Benin)                        102001
b- SOPE ADAMO (Wave FM,PH)                       102002
c- Daniel Braide 9Nigerian info, PH)                    102003
d- Adefisayo Adekemi (Vibes FM, Benin)           102004
e- Yop Rwang Pam (Nigeria Info, PH)                 102005
f- Cheezy Charles (KU FM, Benin)                       102006
g- Jerome Charity (KU FM, Benin)                      102007

2- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Midday/Lunch Hour (11am-4pm)
a- Monica “Monique” Aigbe (Vibes FM)              103001
b- ONOCHIE ONYEKWENA (Wave FM,PH)         103002
c- Kiki Mordi (KU FM, Benin)                              103003
d- Amanda (Cool FM)                                        103004
e- KO (Cool FM)                                                103005
f-MaryAnn Duke Okon (Nigeria Info ,PH)             103006

4- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) (Drive time (4pm-8pm)
a- Don General (Independent Radio , Benin)                    104001
b- Obinna Okoli (Today 95.1fm, Port Hacourt)                 104002
c- Mr. Juicy Juix ( KU FM, Benin)                                   104003
d- FRANK ANWURI (Wave FM, PH))                               104004
e- Larry D (Vibes FM,Benin)                                           104005
f- Gucci the radio rockstar {Silverbird Rhythm FM Benin) 104006
g- Milliscent Maduagwu Nnwoka (Nigeria Info, PH)   104007

5- Outstanding Radio Program Presenter (s) Night cruise (8pm-5am)
a- Chika “Tshyka” Agu (KU FM,Benin)                             105001
b- JULIAN WILCOX (Wave FM,PH)                                 105002
c- IYENE ANIFOWOSE (Wave FM,PH)                           105003
d- MIZ PHILZ (Vibes FM,Benin)                                      105004
e- Steavihn Imediegwu (Vibes FM Benin)                        105005
f-Dayo Elusakin (Nigeria Info ,PH)                                  105006
g- Etekamba Big Daddy (Nigeria Info,PH)                       105007
h-Iyes (Cool FM, PH)                                                     105008
i- Zibby (Cool FM, PH)                                                   105009

1- Outstanding Sportscaster on Radio (Male) (Lagos)
a- Femi Obong Daniel (Cool FM)                        106001
b- Emmanuel Etim (Nigeria Info)                         106002
c- Moses Praiz (Smooth FM)                              106003
d- Tolu Shotade (Inspiration FM)                                    106004
e- Temisan Okomi Olawale (Classic FM              106005
f- Biola Kazeem (Top Radio)                              106006
g- Jude Otigbu (Wazobia FM)                            106007
h- Bimbo Adeola                                               106008
i- Ayotunde Onabolu (Inspiration FM)                  106009
j- Mighty George (Radio Continental)                  106010
2- Best Sportscaster on Radio (Female) (Lagos)
a- Chinelo Ezekwe (Kapital FM Abuja)                 107001
b- Nneka Nkem Anibeze (FRCN)             107002
c- Kibati Bankole (Freelance Radio/TV)               107003
d- Debola Adebanjo (Inspiration FM)                  107004
e- Ogechukwukanma Ogwo (Brilla FM)                107005

3- Best Sportscaster on Radio (North- West-East-South)
a- Cyril Dum Wite ( Family Love 97.7FM Port Harcourt)    108001
b- OLADAPO OKUNUBI (Inspiration FM, Ibadan) 108002
c- Clive Sugar-Sugar George (Brila FM, Onitsha)             108003
d- Solomon Onu aka Solo morinho (Hot FM)                  108004
e- Ifeanyi Orakwue (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                  108005
f- Thomas Bello (Kapital FM Abuja)                                108006
g- AL-Amin (Brilla FM Kaduna)                                       108007
h- Tony Ademodi (Magic FM Aba)                                  108008
i- Sammy Wejinya (Cool FM/Nigeria Info Port Harcourt)   108009
j- Ojay Mathew (Vision Sport Abuja)                               108010
k- IFEDIORA TAGBO (BLAZE FM ANAMBRA)                108011
l- Ogunmola Boluwaji (Star FM Ibadan)                           108012
m- Richie Asiegbu (KU FM, Benin)                                  108013
n- Oludolapo Adewale ( Breez FM, Akure)                       108014
o- Tunde Olawuwo (Splash FM, Ibadan)                          108015
p- Chuma Nnoli (Cool/Nigeria Info FM PH)                      108016
q-Balogun Olakunle (Rave FM, Oshogbo                        108017
r-Omoh Peter Egei (Petals FM, Ibadan)                           108018
s- Oloruntoba Yusuf (Space FM)                                                108019



1- Best Indigenous Presenter (Male) South-West (Yoruba/Pidgin)
a- Osam (Naija FM)                                                                    109001
b- Ayenowon Oluwatobi (Twitwi) (Wazobia FM Lagos)                 109002
c- Kola Ladoke (Splash FM Ibadan)                                            109003
d- IfanKaleluya (Faaji FM)                                                          109004
e- Jare Ayo Martins                                                                   109005
f- Joeel Yetonyon (Radio Lagos)                                                            109006
g- Dr Warri Connect (Lagelu FM, Ibadan)                                    109007
h- Mr. Rain (Space FM, Ibadan                                                   109008
i- Afouda Baba (Lagelu FM, Ibadan)                                           109009
j- Igos (Wazobia FM)                                                                 109010
k- Adebayo Faleke- Fresh FM, Ibadan)                                       109011
l- Olaide Abioye (Raypower FM, Ilorin)                                        109012
m- Olanrewaju Oguniyi (Royal FM, Ilorin)                         109013
n- Adeolu Gboyega (Orange FM, Akure)                                     109014
o- Victor Pius Azubike (Splash FM, Ibadan)                                109015
p- Bamidele Fagboyo (Aajirebi on Africa Magic)                         109016
q- ABDUL-GANIYU ABDULRAZAK (Inspiration FM, Ibadan)         109017
r- OLASUNMADE AKANO                                                          109018

2-Best Indigenous Presenter (Female) South-West (Yoruba/Pidgin)
a- Sabina Umoren (Naija FM)                                          110001
b- Kody kodinator (Wazobia FM)                                                110002
c- Doyin Kukoyi (Gbajumo Osere Africa Magic)              110003
d- Habibat Jinad (Orisun TV)                                          110004
e- Deola Orisile (Radio Lagos)                                       110005
f- Oluwafeyikemi Agbola (Aajirebi on Africa Magic)         110006
g- Uzor (Wazobia FM, Lagos)                                         110007
h- Labbizzy JoJo (Rainbow FM, Ogun State)                   110008
i- Princess Uvbi (Wazobia TV)                                        110009
j- Mama T (Lagelu FM, Ibadan)                                       110010
k- Folake Otuyelu (Splash FM,Ibadan)                            110011
l- Olamiji Ola (Aajirebi)                                                   110012
m- JADESOLA AJIBOLA (Inspiration FM, Ibadan)           110013

3-Best Indigenous Presenter (Male) South-East-North Igbo/Pidgin
a- Johnson Dickson (Liberty FM, Kaduna)                      111001
b- Uncle C Akpakwalam ochi (Love FM)                          11002
c- Ifeanyi Orakwue (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                  111003
d- ‘Ordinary’ Ahmed Isa (Love FM Abuja)                        111004
e- Martins Neboh Mc 4 GOD (Sunrise FM, Enugu)           111005
f- FRANK ANWURI (Wave FM, Port Harcourt)                 111006
g- MC Akonuche (Blaze FM)                                           111007
h- MC A1 (Blaze FM)                                                      111008
i- Shoki (KU FM,Beniin)                                                  111009
j-Akas Wazobia FM PH                                                  111010
k-Ben 10 Wazobia FM PH                                              111011

4-Best Indigenous Presenter (Female) South-East-North Igbo/ Pidgin
a- Lilian Ikedigwe (Radio Sapientia Onitsha)                    112001
b- Igho Mayor (Wazobia FM PH)                                                112002
c- Lady G (Wazobia FM, Abuja)                                      112003
d- NATASHA OBINYAN (Wave FM, PH)                          112004
e-Princess Akporaro (Kapital FM, Abuja)                                    112005

5-Best Indigenous Presenter (Male) North Hausa/Pidgin
a-Philip Omachi (KSMC FM Kaduna)                                          113001
b- Salisu Umar Abdullahi a.k.a Salinger (Alheri radio, Kaduna)     113002
c-Ajebo (Wazobia FM, Kano)                                                     113003
d-Dahiru Ahmed (Liberty Radio, Kaduna)                                    113004
e- Ibrahim Yunus (Unity FM Jos)                                                 113005

6-Best Indigenous Presenter (Female) North Hausa/Pidgin
a- Mannura Umar (SIMY) (Wazobia FM, Kano)                 114001
b- Josephine Andrew (Liberty FM, Kaduna)                     114002
c- Toby Quadry (Dala FM, Kano)                                    114003
d- Elizabeth Anche (KSMC FM, Kaduna)                         114004

1. Best Nigerian DJ (Listeners Choice) (Criteria: must be with a Radio station, skilful, brand affiliation and consistent)
a- DJ TTB (COOL FM Abuja                                           115001
b- DJ Gav Pop (Splash FM Ibadan)                                115002
c- DJ Roland (Metro FM Lagos)                                     115003
d- DJ Sose (Rhythm FM Lagos)                                     115004
e- DJ NU (Fresh FM Ibadan)                                           115005
f- DJ Paparazi (Breeze FM Akure)                                   115006
g- DJ Raize (KU FM, Benin)                                           115007
h- DJ Kelly (Raypower,Kaduna)                                      115008
i- DJ Minister (Wazobia FM, Kano)                                 115009
j- DJ KayKang (Orange FM, Akure)                                 115010
k- DJ Gunzee (City FM,Lagos)                                       115011
l- DJ Freeskie (Kiss FM Abuja)                                       115012
m- DJ UnbeatableNG (Rainbow FM, Ogun State)            115013
n- DJ Charlie Shee (EKO FM)                                         115014
o- DJ PLAYBOI (Wave FM, PH)                                     115015
p- DJ Femfad( Liberty Radio,Kaduna)                            115016

2-Best Nigeria VDJ (Viewer’s Choice) (Criteria: must be with a Digital or Satellite TV station/Channel skillful, brand affiliation and consistent)
a- DJ Bobbi (Soundcity)                                                116001
b- DJ K-Wise (Nigezie)                                       116002
c- DJ Waxxy (Planet Radio TV                           116003
d- DJ DyPson (ETV Channel 50, Enugu)             116004
e- DJ Shabshy (SoundCity)                                116005

Terms and Conditions
1. Nominees (winners) are allowed to contest (in a category) only once every three years – the reason why some popular names are missing on this year’s list of nominees. Many of them have won previously in the recent past. It is our hope that this will inspire others to strive for perfection, and therefore recognition.
2. Due to the likely introduction of an SMS Short code system for voting (Still pending) votes will take the lion’s share of 60 per cent, while research, survey and agency reports are responsible for 40 per cent of the final result.
3. However, in the special Listeners and Viewers choice categories, votes will take the sole responsibility for 90 per cent of the total tally.



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