On Facebook, Instagram monetisation policy, Shan George fumes, writes Zuckerberg!

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Although many Facebook and Instagram users are unaware of the Zuckerberg’s Meta’s lopsided monetisation policy, few in the know preferred to discuss the issue in hush hush.

While most Nigerian content creators are being intimidated and unarguably living at the mercy of middle-men (Non Nigerian agents), why are the Nigerians not eligible to personally Monitise their Facebook and Instagram accounts is a question begging for answers and a serious issue meant to be tackled by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).
Unlike Facebook and Instagram, owners of other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok etc, allow users to monetise their accounts personally and payouts are directly to the individual bank accounts not the agents (Non Nigerian Middle-men).
Why does Facebook/Instagram have to be different?

However, below is the well penned letter by Nigerian ageless star actress, Shan George to the Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg that she shared on her Facebook and instagram pages.

My name is Shan George, I’m the President of AGFB (Association of Grandmas on Facebook) a movie producer and actress in Nollywood.
I’m very pained at the gruesome and expensive process young upcoming Nigerian content creators go through to get their pages monetised, even after creating loads of very awesome contents and meeting all Facebook requirements for their pages to get monetised, the reason being that Nigeria is not ELIGIBLE for monetisation.
What I’m about to bring to your notice may not be attended to maybe, based on the fact that few greedy digital business operators are hugely benefiting from this policy, while they sit at home, as these young creators toil day and night to create and upload contents without seeing the fruits of their labour, because most of these digital business operators are shylocks, creating a scenario of MONKEY DEY WORK BABOON DEY CHOP.
A very unfair situation to these young content creators. In my opinion.
Please help us make our money’s worth, by Adding Nigeria to the COUNTRIES ELIGIBILITY FOR FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM CONTENT MONETISATION.
We anticipate. Thank you.
Shan George ( African Film Maker From Nigeria )


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