Knocks: FRCN’s Radio Stations Leading From The Rear

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When you mention Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), what comes to mind is quality and standard. The number of thoroughbred on-air personalities FRCN has churned out best explains why the corporation is an epitome of excellence. Unfortunately, reverse is the case when it comes to adoption to latest technology in the world of broadcasting.

If Metro FM, one of FRCN’s radio stations in Lagos, is still using 1980s model desktop computer to support its aged console and some other 1950s equipment, one does not need to consult a soothsayer to know what is going on at other stations spread across the nation.

AWW even learnt that it is the same old transmitters they are still using, and please, don’t ask me if Metro FM is on the web (Metro FM is now online). Now you know the reason why the production quality of most FRCN’s radio stations shocks!

In terms of programmes, Metro FM is battling hard to keep the pace with the new and well-equipped private radio stations. When will Metro FM grow is a question begging for answer. Interestingly, not only is Metro FM still living in the past with its listeners mainly in the 35-60 years age range, but also the mode of dressing of most of the staff speak volume of where the station is coming from, where it is and probably where it may end. Talk about its restrooms. That is a story for another day.

However, with the announcement of Mr. Ben Murray Bruce, the Chairman of Silverbird Group and former Director-General of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), as the new
chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), we can only hope for the better.

Why is it that Federal Government institutions and agencies always take the backseat in progression with all the funds available? This is a question we would find answers to in the near future. 


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