I’m supposed to be a singer- Shyshy Shillon

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Segun Shillon is one of the famous voices on radio back in the early 90s and the gifted turntable majesty popularly known as Sweet Shy, actually scampered abroad when the ovation was loudest. Shy Shy’s dominance in the U.K entertainment scene was also felt in Nigeria, the fete that has kept his name in the consciousness of music followers home and abroad.

He recently spoke to KAZEEM POPOOLA on his career, family and his return back to the country.



What has been prompting your sneak in and out of the country?

(Laughs) I don’t think I have been sneak in or out, but glory be to God for the time that is ripe for me to come back, and which is why I’m here. I still present myself the same Shy Shy but now as an improved Shy Shy. So I didn’t sneak in neither did I sneak out but I’m back to stay.

How long have you been away?

It looks like yesterday but it’s over 15 years.

Before you quit Rainbow FM, many were wondering about how much the station offered you to come back home?

It’s not the money; it’s about the happiness that I’m home. I started my whole life here and now back to start all over again from where I stopped. It’s not just about the money but the huge talent that I have within. That was why I had to travel to acquire more knowledge abroad, and thank God I made it back to the country to exhibit the wisdom and knowledge I was able to garner abroad. So it’s not about the money, because money can’t buy what I have within me and giving out right now.

Shy Shy is more of old school music unlike before, why?

I’ll always be an old school person, I still do old school but I’m into the future too. Before I left Rainbow FM, my weekday programmes were basically designed to play more of the new school music. However, I’ve been assigned most of the time to do some of the classic programme on afternoon belt and I think that brought back the quality in me because I’m from old generation and I know lot of songs from way back.

You claimed to be an old school but you are still looking much younger, what is the secret?

(Laughs)  That is a very rare gift from God. It’s not easy to come by.

How old are you?

I don’t shy about my age, I’m 41 going 42

Are you married?

I was married before

What happened?

Everything that happens these days, I was married but I’m single now.

Are you searching?

No, I’m not searching

Are you into any relationship?

I think that’s on a personal note (Laughs)

Apart from being one of the foremost On-Air Personalities, what more are to Shy Shy?

I do quite a lot of thing from music production to audio and visual editing. After my study from London Tims College University, I’ve been able to get along with so much media aspect that creates a kind of unique value to the old Shy Shy. So right now, I can call myself music and TV producer, I’m also into fashion, singing and other things that got to do with digital media. We are in digital age now and I basically handle anything that concerns that so as it is I say you can refer to me as Shy Shy Digital.

You’ve been abroad for over 15 years, any regrets?

No regrets. I give glory to God, this is me still looking young kicking the boots, doing what every other person is doing but in a different way. The time I spent abroad to my point of returning home is continuous journey in life for me.

Are you saying that you’re back finally or you’ll be shuttling between Nigeria and UK?

I’m home finally but if anything is happening around the globe definitely you’ll find Shy Shy there.

How was your growing up?

It’s been extremely fantastic and I give glory to God for the kind of family I have. I’ve been well trained as a Yoruba boy, by a wonderful, very supportive, kind and loving family.

Are you saying you had a smooth growing up?

I’ve always been a very calm dude; I’ve got a smooth up growing experience till this very moment.

What is the connection between your upbringing and what you are doing now?

I was born to a music family and I’m supposed to be singing. My dad, a royal organist, is a huge music producer from Ogun state. He produced and wrote the Egba anthem; ‘Lori oke Ati Petele’ and a whole lot other popular Christian songs. So, I can say I took after my father.

Any embarrassing moment from a female fan?

They’ve been extremely lovely. I remember when I went to perform; a lady just pulled down her bum-short, and said “please write on my bum”.  And when I wanted to use my pen, she was like “use the other pen”.

What about memorable moment?

That was when I graduated from Tims College University where I studied digital broadcasting, it was really tough.

What’s your definition of a good presenter?

A presenter should know what to say at the right time, the kind of flow that goes with what he or she is presenting and able to handle the programme which he or she is assigned to.

As a DJ what makes a good music?

Good music got to do with a content you hear for the first time and you say wow! That is music, there is some music you’ll hear for the first time and you just know that it’s a good stuff.

Do you have any kids from your previous marriage?

I’ve got two beautiful girls, who are in London.

How do you connect with them especially now that you fully back in Nigeria?

Constantly in contact with them, I call them every day, one is 12 going to 13yrs and the other is eight going to nine years.

Any plan to remarry?

I’ll leave that to God

How is your relationship with Kenny Ogungbe?

We’ve come a long way he’s like a brother from another mother, and we appreciate each other. I appreciate him been a big brother in the industry and at the same time for pointing me towards the right direction .I’ve learnt a lot from him and will continue to learn from him. He’s some I really appreciate.

Why did you leave Nigeria to be specific?

Just for me to acquire more knowledge nothing else. There was no issue on ground for me to live as at when I left but I just thought I needed more knowledge. I just wanted it to be grounded since the whole game was getting tighter. It was a huge decision for me to take, but because I’m the type, what look ahead and willing to learn more, and able to perfect myself for chosen as a career. That was why I left at that time.



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