“Broadcasting had affected my love life negatively, but..”-Big Mo’

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Nwokedi Moses a.k.a Big Mo’, the ace presenter with Wazobia FM, is one of the most sought-after on-air personalities in Abuja. The nominee for the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards 2013 ‘Outstanding Radio Presenter of the Year (North), shared his thought during our ongoing ‘Exclusive Twitter Chat’. Here is the unedited copy of the interview conducted via our twitter page @NBAwards
@NBAwards: @bigmoNaija how would you explain d marriage of your looks and your radio name, Big Mo? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: I would say they are two worlds apart…

@NBAwards: how would you explain that? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: This is because the radio name BIGMO has people thinking that i am some tall dark hefty looking chap…


@NBAwards: your yarns on radio are in pidgin English..Do you feel less like a broadcaster? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: My audience understand my communication mode & this automatically makes me feel no different from a broadcaster….


@NBAwards: how did you gets into the broadcasting world? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: It started off during the call to serve my father’s land “NYSC” at Radio Gotel, Yola, Adamawa State in 2008/2009

@NBAwards: when and how did you join wazobia FM? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: I got auditioned on 25/12/2009 & got a call for an interview in early Jan 2010, which was the same month i joined Wazobia Fm. Though, i thought my audition might not meet the station’s requirement & was getting set to send another one, b4 i got the call

@NBAwards: how is the journey so far? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: It’s been very tasking, but at the same time worth the trouble…

@NBAwards: is your job anyway affecting your love life? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: I would say YES it had affected my love life negatively, but it’s taking a new turn now…

@NBAwards: @bigmoNaija how would you explain that? Heartbreak or cheat? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: I would say “Heartbreak”, cos i was totally dedicated to the job & left virtually every other thing in my life un-attended to…

@iambolatito: What make this edition of NbA different #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: @iambolatito Well, nor be me be the organizer…

@NBAwards: how would you describe your kind of woman? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: She has to love God, to be tolerant, intelligent & beautiful. In one word a woman who knows her man….


@NBAwards: did she fits into this description? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: Yes she did.

@NBAwards: how do u feel being nominated again this years and even topping the twitter’s top 20 nominees? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija:  Am pleased to be nominated again & topping the twitter’s top 20 nominees took me by surprise

@NBAwards: what makes a good radio presenter? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: A good radio presenter has be one who is dynamic in his/her own way, should be able to understand his/her audience…

@NBAwards: your memorable moment? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: My memorable moment should be my radio training days at Wazobia FM, Lagos with the likes of Yaw, Matse & Lolo 1 of Wazobia Fm

@NBAwards:  what did you cherish the most? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: @NBAwards I would say my memorable days are my most cherished days…

@NBAwards: if you are to be an animal, which one will you preferred to be? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: If i were to be an animal, i would want to be an Eagle

@NBAwards: 3 things people cannot take away from you? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: 3 things no one can take away from me are; my joy, calm nature & love for God

@NBAwards: your favourite quote? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: “Do better, make better follow you”…
@NBAwards: @bigmoNaija your advice to your fans and organisers of NBMA? #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija:  Always stay real!
@Miss_zheey: does bigmo and Nwokedi Moses ave the same personality #AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija The personalities are some what different…

@Miss_zheey:  we all know you are a Nigerian from what state#AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: LOL!!! Okay, am from Anambra State

@Miss_zheey:  what does bigmo stand for,when people see you what do you want to show them you represent#AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: BIGMO stands for “Beginning In God’s MOvement”.

@Miss_zheey: @bigmoNaija let say 5years from now what do you see yourself
@bigmoNaija: I see a better broadcaster, more matured at his approached to life & already taking care of his own family…


@Miss_zheey: what is d one thing people don’t know about u, that ave not been seen or heard before#AskBigmoNBAwards2013
@bigmoNaija: Dat one hard to answer o!


Compiled By- Zainab Usman


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