BEHOLD! Most Dangerous Spots In Lagos

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Going by the popular slogan ‘Eko  o ni Baje o’, it’s unarguable that the Lagos State Government under the auspices of the ebullient governor, His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola, is  battling the scourge of crime in Lagos , the Nigeria’s version of New York in the United States of America known for its booming social and economic activities.

Apart from the hustles and bustles which is synonymous with ‘Eko’ as fondly called by the Yorubas, it is also blessed with the good, the bad and the ugly areas, places where ones watches his back at regular intervals, most especially in the night.

Although, police are trying their best to flush out some of the criminals from the areas, which have been best tagged red zones, the plague still remains.

This is not unconnected to the fact that despite the new faces given to some of the popular dangerous places in Lagos with mobile police armoured tank stationed at some strategic point, what always comes to those who are conversant with these areas then and now is crime.

Moreover, some of these red zones are now partially save to pedestrians but those with break-down vehicles, most especially in the night, always left with gory tales to tell. In this interesting search, KAZEEM POPOOLA present to you the bad and ugly spots which have been marked deadliest spots, most especially in the night: enjoy.



This is one of the most popular areas in Lagos State. It was formerly referred to as ‘Mushin Olosa’ meaning “Mushin the den of thieves”. Though, Mushin has other fine areas and has also produced bundles of talents and men of integrity, the big ‘M’ city as fondly called has other deadly spots where drugs, marijuana and others are sold freely. Places like ‘Oduduwa’ Street, among others are not all that safe for strangers most especially at night.



This is another area where social miscreants learn the rudiments of their nefarious acts before graduating to full armed criminals. It has also been reported in the past that the Isolo under-bridge was a training ground for bank robbers.



Coming to Lagos without paying visit to Oshodi market is like going to Mecca without throwing the anti-Satan stone. This is one of the busiest markets in Lagos. Even with the transformation undergone by the popular Oshodi, it is still a common place for pick-pockets, chain-cutters and territory for the street urchins fondly called ‘Area Boys’, where their notoriety has consistently flourished. Oshodi is very dangerous mostly early in the morning around 5-am or at night.


Ladipo Bus-stop

This area is notorious for manhandling of innocent people. The railway line is what works for the touts who wait patiently for innocent commuters.


Mile -12 – Ketu

There are many bad boys at this place and they are always at their best form mostly in the night. They have been several cases of killing and kidnapping at the area. The situation is so serious that the government built a police station to check the disturbance of the armed robbers. Not quite long, lots of guns, local charms among other dangerous weapons were found when State government demolished ‘Ajelogo’ market, a sub section of Mile 12.  In this area at night, snatching of telephone handsets from the commuters who always sit at the window side of buses/cars, is also common.


Third Mainland Bridge

One must always be prayerful whenever one plight the road at night, most especially when one’s vehicle develops a mechanical fault or suffers a flight tyre. These are the some of the opportunities which the dread armed bandits operating on Okadas always use to wreck havoc on the victims. They always make use of the exit and the entrance link of Ebute-Meta and Third Mainland Bridge to carry out their operation. Mostly around 7pm upwards.


Ojota Bus-stop

This is another dangerous zone, known for violence and armed robbery. People, most especially private motorist usually keep their wrist watches, handset and jewelry whenever they plight the road at night. Ojota is a dangerous place for travelers and formerly a common operational route for the popular ‘one Chance’, crooks and criminals.


Mile 2

This is another notorious spot for criminal activities, known as a breeding ground for pick – pockets and muggers who rule at night with guns and knives. Most people have been disposed of their valuable things at the spot and also an operational route of the ‘Once Chance’.



Tricksters of various cadres have founded dynasties at Cele/Ijesha, which is along Oshodi-Mile 2 expressway. Ritualist and kidnappers are very common there. If you may recall, this route is an axis to Toyota bus-stop, where the cannibal, Clifford Orji was found many years back.



This is another dangerous spot, apart from being a no-go area in the night, there are lot of sleazy businessmen and women at this spot, and there are well –dresses thieves. They always appear decent to cajole their victims to buy expensive items at very ridiculous prices.


Oju – Ina

This is another place that has been marked a black spot. It is mainly for smokers of whatever status. Be it cocaine, heroin, marijuana and others, you can easily get the stuff anytime. The tough looking bad guys there are highly temperamental and ready to attack any strange face.

It has been on record that Oju-Ina is a place where crimes wear crown.


This is another red zone with a higher number of street urchins. Apart from pick pockets, tricksters and others, it is a common route for the ‘One Chance’ people. Obalende under bridge is most dangerous early in the morning and at night.



This is another area of Lagos State where street urchins usually establish their dynasties. The black spot is known for selling of hard drugs like cocaine, Marijuana, snatching ofbag and phone-snatching, rape, mugging, bank robbery among other social ills. It is also on record that the police have busted many cases false-imprisonment and money making rituals there and the police have never relented in their effort to sweep-clean the area of the miscreants. Among other deadly spots in Agege include: Akerele near AP filling station, Oke-koto, Kasumun Street, Agbotrikuyo, Pen Cinema, New Oko-Oba and host of others. We even reliably gathered that most of the hardened criminals have connections with police.


C.M.S Bus-stop

This is another Lagos State darkest spot-most especially at night. Many people have lost their valuable things to touts and pick-pocket at this particular bus-stop.



Ajegunle is famous as abode for people of lower class but blessed with bundle of talents-most especially in music and sports. Though, things are now a little bit different compared to those days when people were being robbed in day light, there are still some area where, violence, terror and crime reign at night.


Ijora Oloye

There are many bad boys at this spot most especially at night. Police have had many running battles with criminal confederates there. The bad boys there are no strangers to guns and dangerous weapons.



This is a breeding ground for potential criminals, perhaps it’s the head quarters of all sorts’ crimes in Lagos. It is a community where criminals are partners in progress. And most innocent people are being ripped-off on a daily basis. There is no type of documents which the ‘Oluwole boys’ cannot provide while you wait. Thanks to the government, the area had since been destroyed but it has not stopped the bad guys from operating.


Ogba( Marketing Bus-stop)

This spot, which is popularly refer to as Teem D, is known for car and motor-bike snatching. Anytime from 11pm, the place become a no go area for commuters and motorist



This is another sensitive area where violence and crimes reign. A couple of years ago, a fight broke out and led to loss of lives and properties. It is also a breeding ground for pick-pockets and tricksters.



This is a hot spot for streetwise robbers, money doublers and chains cutter. It is a place where “Area Boy” usually form colony in order to rain terror on traders and other innocent people.



This is the most current and very dangerous at night. Most thieves operate with ‘Okada’. There have been reported cases of killing and kidnapping in the area. One of the popular Yoruba movie actors narrowly escapes death, when he was shot by some young armed bandits in the process of snatching his car.



This is another popular base for the people of questionable characters, most especially from the bus-stop to the empire area. Bad guys there are very deadly and would kill for any thing. They usually operate at night.



This area of Lagos is also dangerous. The area has reported cases of money-making rituals, disappearance and kidnapping.


Iddo Motor Park

Like other motor parks in Lagos. Iddo is always a busy park for travelers. It is being discovered as haven for purse-snatchers and self-styled touts.



Apart from being the territory for pirates, Alaba market has been marked as a dumping ground where petty thieves and armed robbers in disguise usually sell goods, which have been disposed from the owners.


Ojodu Berger

Though, the popular garage is now said to be partially save for commuters, it’s a bad news for those who  used to plight long bridge of  Ojodu/Isheri express road as several cases of robbery, car snatching among other criminal cases has been severally reported..


Iyana Ipaja

This is another popular area of Lagos where street urchins operate under the watchful eyes of police


….To be continued






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