Zule Zoo reunite,dispels rumour of insanity

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With Kerewa still one of the most used slogans in social circuits, only few people will claim ignorance of the presence of Zule Zoo, the sensational traditional musical group that created the slang in the Nigerian music industry. Although, the group that is made up of Ibrahim Alhassan and Michael Aboh had three follow-up albums which include Chumpa Reloaded and Destiny, their controversial debut album titled Kerewa that was full of pulsating beats and lewd lyrics, was what kept the name Zule Zoo in the consciousness of music lovers.

While SE can authoritatively reveal that Zule Zoo had reunited, it was quite shocking when the news broke out a couple of years ago that Zule Zoo had broken up. The unexpected separation that stirred different speculations to the extent that rumour was making the rounds then that Micheal was inflicted with madness over a particular song that was alleged to be offensive to one of the gods in his home town in Benue State.

Revealing what led to their breakup and the reunion during a brief chat with SE, Ibraheem Zule Zoo’s lead vocalist said, “For real, this time around, we are back with a positive force. Michael actually went to study Sound Engineering in Ghana which took him up to three to four years. I was just alone trying to keep the name and continue with what we both started. People only thought we were separated but nothing like that happened. We are right now done with a new album that will be coming out a couple of months with the video CD coming out in December.” Speaking further on the return of Zule Zoo, “We are still who we are and in fact, we are an improved version of Zule Zoo. There must be improvements and changes in everything you do, what we have now is better than what we had in the past,” Ibrahim said


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