wapTV Begins Transmission

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When it came to the fore that Wale Adenuga Production (WAP) has been licensed to transmit direct to satellite, many people thought it
was a fluke. However, as October 1 is significant to Nigeria, so it will henceforth be for acclaimed King of TV drama, Wale Adenuga(MFR).


While Nigerians were last week Monday joined the celebration of 52 years independence anniversary of the nation, the humorist cum creative mind per excellence, Wale Adenuga, soar higher as his much- talked about wapTV berthed in style on the airwaves!

Although, Adenuga has undoubtedly gained supremacy as TV contents provider with the awesome successes of Papa Ajasco and Family, SuperStory, This Life, Nnena and Friends, Odd World among other TV series, owing a TV channel is absolutely a ground-breaking effort for Wale Adenuga Production (WAP).

Recalling the steady growth of Wale Adenuga Production, Abdulhakeem Williams, the General Manager of wapTV said, “WapTV’s journey began many years ago from the humble creation of Ikebe Super magazine, which was followed by others such as SuperStory, Binta and Friends which sold exceedingly well and lead to the development of Papa Ajasco on celluloid back then in 1983.

Binta my daughter came next on home video in 1985 after which Papa Ajasco series was launched on TV in 1997. The trend was developing and the next project was the SuperStory television dramas which made its debut in 2001 has become Nigeria’s most watched television drama. WapTV’s birth and subsequent development is an amalgamation of spiritual influences and choice of personnel.”

However, wapTV, the new 24 hours family entertainment channel is on Startimes channel 222. Apart from exclusive Mexican soaps, top Nollywood movies and screening of WAP’s popular series like Papa Ajasco, This Life and SuperStory classics, viewers are in for entertainment at its peak with programmes like Kookoorookoo, an entertaining and fun filled breakfast show with segments like ‘Fitness package’, ‘Sharp Sharp’ among others, Awo Kogbon series which promise to be movies with meanings yet entertaining, The Joint, Wapparazi, Vogue 360, Reel Naija, Playground, soaps from independent producers, among many other scintillating programmes in the pipeline.

In his words, Wale Adenuga, C.E.O wapTV, said, “I’d never thought of having a TV channel until the manifestation came five years ago. We’ve been challenged to explore the broadcasting world and I can say that we are up to the challenge. With dogged determination, we are confident that wapTV will become one of the most-watched TV channels in matter of months.”

Among few of the top presenters battle ready to take wapTV to the desire height include Oluwalambe Folashade, a creative TV/Radio presenter, Mofe Duncan, the former Rhythm 93.7 FM big boy is an actor cum presenter and have been in the game for nine years and Effiong Veronica, an experienced voice over artiste who has worked with Traffic Radio and Channel M1


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