About NBMA


The Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA), as the name implies, is an award ceremony organized to celebrate, honor, and appreciate past, current and dead broadcasters, who have distinguished themselves as role models, mentors, and propagators of social change in the society.

These great people have had a memorable impact on their listeners and viewers over the years through their programmes, as they educate, inform, entertain, and promote peace.

Unfortunately, it has been observed that the Nigerian entertainment industry has shown less concern in appreciating and celebrating Broadcasters and On-air Personalities (OAPs) (Radio and TV presenters)despite the fact that they are the ‘star makers’ and the only road to stardom for both movie and music stars.

The DJs and OAPs keep us informed and soothed our listening ears with good music coupled with their sweet voices that bring joy to the troubled hearts. Imagine the world without them!

This is why THE REALITY ENTERTAINMENT, the fast rising showbiz firm came with the intention of changing this neglect with a conscious view of packaging the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, an event which is designed to honour, celebrate and appreciate Broadcasters, as well as corporate firms that have contributed immensely to the growth of Nigerian electronic media.

This yearly event made its debut in October 31st, 2010.


The award is designed to honour, celebrate and appreciate broadcasters, as well as firms and individuals that have contributed immensely to the growth of electronic media in Nigeria and beyond.


To attract, motivate and encourage the abundant talents in the Nigerian electronic media, thereby making Nigeria the best country with first class On-air personalities in Africa.


nbmawards.com put together by The Reality Entertainment is one-stop search award website. It’s geared towards bridging the gap between On-Air Personalities, Presenters, broadcasters and showbiz icons.. The online entertainment magazine is packed with varieties of entertainment gist and more, as they make rounds among Nigerians home and abroad.


  • A vehicle designed to celebrate OAPs and keep fans informed on what’s happening around the electronic media
  • To provide all the necessary information about the annual Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA), monthly Nigerian Broadcasters’ Nite (NBN), Annual lecture, NBMA’s TV programme among other arrays of events.
  • A train that will carry information about OAPs and to also create a direct interactive channel between OAPs and their fans
  • News/Information on issues as they make rounds in the country and abroad
  • The online magazine is also designed to encourage and motivate rising and aspiring broadcasters.
  • This is a proposed directory for all the radio and TV stations in the country.
  • The online magazine is also serving as a watch dog the entertainment world,most especially the Nigerian broadcasting industry.
  • The Opinion corner allows the masses to share their opinion on matter that relate to the industry
  • Window for movie and music review

The E-magazine is designed to get all on the edge of their seats with fascinating stories as they brake and most importantly issues that concerns electronic media and the entertainment industry at large.

  • The promotional tool for entertainment outfits in the country and all over the world.
  • Artist and artiste stand a chance to place themselves on the global map
  • An avenue for OAPs to stay abreast with all happening in the electronic media and making themselves available to the world.


The Reality Entertainment is a showbiz/entertainment firm whose objectives are to change the face of the bubbling Nigerian entertainment industry. Since its inception in 2005, it has acquired extensive expertise in event planning, public relation services, concept development, movie making, events’/artiste management, branding, and promotion among other showbiz-related services.

The Reality Entertainment has over this short period broken the norms with one of its laudable projects, most especially the publication of Airwaves Watch, the first bi-weekly entertainment and informative newspaper set out to celebrate Nigeria’s on-air personalities, and the first ever Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, which made its debut in 2010.

Some of the projects the organization has handled include Saturday Nite Fever for Reality International Magazine, Gunners’ Party Jamz and Awards for Excellence 2006 and 2008, Nigeria Leadership Award for Celebrity Magazine, News of the People Jeans Party 2 and many others.

The Reality Entertainment is currently working with some of the Nigerian entertainment bigwigs.

Formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), The Reality Entertainment have gained grounds in the Nigerian entertainment industry and have links with all local TV and radio stations, as well as foreign entertainment channels like Ben TV, MTV Base, Channel O, M-Net Africa among others.