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Birthday Blues: Uche Ogbodo Goes Nude

Birthdays are days to be remembered and when comes to celebration, it’s always a different story for different folks. However, as Uche Ogbodo clocks another year on earth, the sexy star actress decided to unclad for the cameras to drives her birthday wishes and  messages to all her fans, friends and foes. In a writeup attached to the nude shots released on her facebook page, Uche said,

I didn’t choose this Life ,this Life Chose me.
I didnt Choose to Be Born without a Silver Spoon, the option wasnt given  to me.
I never chose to be born in Poverty, To grow Up in the Ghetto,To Drop Out of School , I just Found mySelf there.
I Didn’t Choose to be A STAR, although I Knew i was Special, My Parents knew it too, Until  Nollywood Chose me. .
I always Dreamt and prayed for Love, for a Real Man a husband, for A happy Family , But Single MOTHERHOOD Chose.
They All Chose ME without My Permission!.
The Only Choice I have Is In Choosing Who I want ME to BE, A GODDESS. 🍂
So Before you criticise me, PRAY for me, I need My Strength,  Your Strength, and Devine Strength. .
Becos this woman Right here has seen the good, the bad and the Ugly….But I Survived.
A Goddess is not Afraid to Fail. For no matter how many times life knocks me down, I will get right Up.
For I have what it takes,  FIERCE, SIMPLE, CRAZY, SMART, STRONG, hehehe to  Rewrite My STORY. .
Happy  birthday to me 💖.

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